How About a Glass of The Bubbly?

I’m currently drinking this:

A Chinon sparkling rosé. When we were in France in September, staying for a few days in Chinon in the Loire valley, one wine tasting trip (by e-bike) took us to a small vineyard owned by one Eric Sourdais. The reds were very drinkable, and we bought some, but they also had this rosé. Not something I normally like, apart from a few champagnes (Bellecart-Salmon I really like, and Bollinger rosé is pleasant), so we nearly passed it by, but they suggested tasting, so we did. And to our surprise, especially considering an extremely low price, it was very drinkable. We bought a bottle to take back to the campervan to try more thoroughly, and it was so nice we went back in the van when we left and bought 12 bottles - the limit of one person’s duty free allowance in these ridiculously and annoyingly restricted post-Brexit days. (Also bought some red wine.) opened one this eve to toast Chinese New Year.


100% owned by the Bollinger family I was there in September