How about CDS3/555ps combo comparing to CDS3/XPS2?

How about CDS3/555ps combo comparing to CDS3/XPS2?

I had a CDS2 with an XPS. I added a 555PS. It is the biggest upgrade I have ever made, before or since. It may be a little less dramatic on the CDS3, but I bet it is substantial.

I liked the 555PS on the CDX2 but less so on the CDS3, preferring the XPS2.

…so the deciding vote is yours!

Over a number of years, I have had a CDX2/XPS2, CDX2/555PS, CDS3/XPS2, CDS3/555PS and CDS3/555PSDR, so have had the opportunity to compare the various combinations over a fairly extended period (i.e. weeks rather than a dealer demo).

The CDS3/XPS2 I found to present music in a wonderfully smooth, relaxed, effortless and flowing manner. There was tremendous resolution of subtle, fine details and nuances in the music but I just found it a bit too polite. On balance, I marginally preferred the vitality and drive of the CDX2/555PS to the cultured sophistication of the CDS3/XPS2.

The CDS3/555PS (non DR) to these ears retained all the beautiful, effortless, organic, musical flow of the CDS3/XPS2 but gave it for want of a better term the balls and drive of the CDX2/555PS. The better power supply gave the CDS3 deeper, richer bass with much more power. It also lowered the noise floor further, allowing even more subtle music detail to be presented to the listener. It made music much more emotionally engaging, captivating and alive to me.

In short, the power supply upgrade came across as a similar step change in performance as the change from a CDX2 to a CDS3, though the improvements were in different aspects of musical reproduction.

A number of fellow forum members have made the same comparison and are very happy owners of CDS3/555PS cd players. I am aware of at least 2 others who find the CDS3/555PS to be a bit over the top, preferring the gentler, more polite presentation of the CDS3/XPS2.

Hope this helps, BF

Adding the PS 555 power supply to my CDS3 resulted in greater immediacy of the sound. A bit more weight to the bottom end, also no hum, which was an issue with the XPS.

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