How about changing the amplifier to NAP250 DR in my setup?

Hi Naim Community,

I’m listening with below system.

Main System : NAC82 / NAP180 With Hi-Cap
Stramer: NDX2 with XPS external power
Speaker: rogers LS5/9 with 5m VanDamme cables.

The low-range(Bass) sense and lack of depth of olive nap 180 s, and the fast high-frequency sounds in some of the pieces(nylon guitar, cymbals and swings on drums, high notes on piano) sometimes make my ears tired.

I’m enjoying old pop from 70 to 80, jazz, classical, and new age songs, I think it sounds very good (except the some factors (like above))
but the latest pop mix doesn’t sound beautiful.

If I change my amp to nap250dr, what kind of experience can I have? Can I use Hicap and nac82 as it is?
Please advise if you have tried to make the same changes as me.

Thank you,

Have you used naca5 speaker cable with the 180 to provide the correct capacitance/ inductance that the amp needs?

The 250 dr uses xlr for input so you’ll need a different cable.

Same vintage olive 250 in place of the 180 would be better.

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No don’t do nap 250 Dr try 135x2 or olive nap 250.
If not enough bottom end maybe service your gear.

82 has a reputation for being ‘lively’. I have never heard one myself but I wonder if a Supercap on the 82 would be a better investment, or at the very least worth a demo.


If it was me I would swap the 82/180 for a used amplifier in the classic range. Depending on budget I would go for a Supernait 2/3, 282/200 or 282/250 Dr. The hicap can be used with all of these amplifiers so keep it. You might need to get the components serviced depending on age so bear that in mind.

I think this will give you a more open and less edgy sound (albeit less of a live sound) which is feature of the amplifier you have at the moment.

Swapping the 180 for an olive 250 would give your system more control and a more solid bass but in my experience won’t get rid of the traits that are causing tired ears. Not familiar with your speaker cable but I would be surprised if swapping it for NACA5 would solve your problem.

Btw when I had an NDX/XPS2 82 180/250 it made my ears tired as well!

I’d be inclined to get a serviced Olive 250, if you intend to keep the 82. It’s a lovely, well matched setup. You’ll get the necessary Din to XLR lead in the box with the 250, so no need to be concerned about that.


Just to add a word, you SHOULD get the cable with it, but bear in mind that some sellers may sell it separately to get a little more money. You can but them new from Naim also - under £100 when I last purchased one.

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I would re-iterate the suggestions to get an Olive (or CB ) 250 to go with your 82.

I use a CB250 with my 82… :expressionless:

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To reiterate what others have said, in my experience of the olive 82/Hicap/250 or 2x135 it doesn’t tire you. On the contrary it’s musical and engaging, and I find it to be so across all genres but not necessarily every recording whether via vinyl/CD or streaming. The Hicap is also an impressive piece of kit. I don’t think the Supercap is essential just now. Yes, it’s better but I think there are other issues.

The 180 you have is no slouch either, so I’d be tempted to get the current system to a point of listening happiness before swapping anything out.

I’d look at the comments about servicing, and maybe question if the room is set up right with the speakers. There’s lots on that in this community from some very experienced listeners. I’d also not move away from the NACA5 in the first instance. I wouldn’t think that’s causing what you’re hearing. They are excellent cables.

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I agree with the comments that a serviced olive 250 would be a great addition to your line up. The 180 and it’s replacement the 200 were never very satisfying amps imo.

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Good question.

I took serviced 82/Hicap/olive 250 to Tasmania, to be fed by ND5XS2 and Core, which tells you what I think of them. Before setting off, I tried them with NDX2+XPSDR in the Wimbledon system - not disgraced at all versus 52/ Supercap/ 300DR.

That 82/HC/250 amp combo is a classic for a reason. 2 Hicaps or a Supercap would imho be better in a couple of ways, but not staggeringly so.

I had a 140 many years ago, and have heard others. If serviced in the last decade or so, an olive 250 is great and imho the least power amp to show what the rest of your system can do - SQ per £ bargain. I would not spend more for a more recent s/h 250, such as the 250DR to partner an 82.

I think runs of at least 3.5M or ideally 5M of Naim A5 would help with the small degree of wearing hardness that you mention. Buying s/h makes sense.
If you dislike A5, Kudos KS-1 is a popular choice for a reason.

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I should also mention that you can normally reduce the high frequencies which are making your ears tired by adjusting the speaker placement so they are off axis (pointing straight ahead rather than at your seating position) and leaving the grills on the speakers.

It does make a worthwhile difference. You could also consider carpeting the ceiling and walls of your room but that might be going a bit far!

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