How about the combination of 202/200+HCDR+NAPSC+CDX2 (without XPS)

What’ s the level of this combination could be? Does it worth in this price range? Comparing to other same price combination.

It’s a very well matched combination. Matched with the right speakers it will make great music. But the CDX2 is greatly improved with the addition of a XPS.



Thanks for the reply! my speaker is Focal 1007s. Don’t know what will be for this combination…

I think that for this kind of musical level there are to many boxes.One box SN2 will get you very near and much cheaper.

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I had the 200/202 combination and added the hi-cap dr without the napsc and found it to be a very nice lively sound. Despite most ppl. suggest using a napsc, my dealer did not encourage it. I would probably put that money towards an xps. This system could be considered a good start for up-grading over time but can also (very easily) be considered a final system.

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