How best to Manage Focal Utopia Headphones with Long Cable on Focal Stand?

I just got my Focal Utopia Headphones and a Focal Headphone stand. The headphones plug into my SN3.

My question is how best to manage the long cable (4.5 meters) when I am not listening? I needed a long cable to allow me to listen while seated on the couch or at the dining table.

Can I coil the cable?
Can I extend the cable, to lay on the counter?

Should I place the 6.5mm connector end on the rack which about 6 feet from the focal stand?

When the headphones are on the stand, can the cable just drop to the floor?

What makes this more complicated is I am using the Cardas Beyond Clear cables which have copper fasteners every few feet.

I have the Focal Elear Headphones and also use the Focal Headphone Stand.

When not using the headphones and they are on the stand, I just coil up the cable and hang in on a hook at the rear of the unit.


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