How can I see if my XPS was upgraded to DR?

I’ve recently bought a 2nd hand XPS which according to the seller was upgraded to DR. It does indeed have a DR-sticker on the backpanel but that doesn’t mean much, does it? So how can I check whether the XPS indeed has been upgraded by Naim?
I’ve opened it and found that (what I think are) the power transistors are 4 x A1386 23Y and 2 x C3519 17Y. Does that mean anything to anyone? Or should I simply ask the friendly people of Naim to check if this serial number has been upgraded by them?
Thanks a lot for your help.
Cheers, Ruud

Send the serial number to Naim support and they will confirm what work was done on the unit and when. It’s that simple to be 100% sure.

It could have been upgraded by a service centre. Does the seller have a receipt for the upgrade ?

From the device numbers you mention, it’s a DR version. A serial number check as others mention will give you the full history.

If it’s been upgraded by Naim, and most will have been then they will have a record of the upgrade.

I purchased a used XPS DR and made the same check as I wanted to know the date to calculate the next service date and Naim said they didn’t have a record of it being upgraded. It transpired that it was upgraded in Italy by the local distributor.

Naim were able to confirm that all was well from a photo of the inside of the unit, this is the picture I sent them

Thanks, guys. That is really helpful. It seems it is indeed an upgraded PS but I will ask Naim support to be absolutely sure.

If you are in the UK, the DR upgrade would have been done by Naim’s in-house service centre. They keep records, and will be able to tell you of any work they have carried out.
If you are not in the UK, the upgrade may have been done by the service agent that covers your country, so you would need to ask them for information if it was not returned to Naim in the UK.

These are the DR regulators in a xps dr.
Check with Naim, but I can’t imagine these are available other than from Naim though.

Those look exactly like the ones in my XPS, so I’m pretty sure by now I did indeed buy a DR version.
I’ve asked Naim anyhow and will post their reply once I received it. Thanks.

I did as most of you suggested and sent some pictures of the inside of the XPS to Naim support. On that basis they could confirm that my unit was upgraded to DR. Thanks again.

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