How can you enter “funny” characters for a wi-fi password

Hi all,

I’d like to connect my ND5-XS to my home network over WiFi but my router password contains some unconventional characters (eg a tilde or an @).

I can seem to be able to enter these through the the remote handset and don’t really want to have to change the password on the router.

Does anyone know a way of getting to the full character set or am I stuck?

Cheers all


Probably easiest to change the router password.

There are no ‘funny’ characters on my NDX remote, router password change.

I recently set up my Naim gear after a 3 month hiatus due to a house move. When we eventually got connected to the internet I set up the router with a long password with * in. When it came to getting my 272 on the network I tried and tried but could not find it on the remote handset. In the end I just changed the router password. Once I’d done that I then of course realised that I would have to re-input it on every connected device in the house! Very annoying!

~ If you can just type it in another program or look for the character via Google (like I just did) and copy and paste it into the appropriate place ~ sorry just realised that you are using a remote?

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