How connect Stageline N?

Just bought a Stageline N to be pared with my NAC112/NAP150/Flatcap 2. But I just don´t get it……
Would be a happy oldtimer if someone would give med precise instructions which cable goes to which socket.
Best regards
Ron in Sweden

You have two options.

The first is via the powered AUX2 input on the NAC112. You just use the supplied SNAIC5 that comes with the Stageline and just ensure the banded end is near to the Stageline.

However, as you have a Flatcap2, and assuming you aren’t using it already on both the pre-amp and the CD5 CD player, you can use Power Out B to power the Stageline via the SNAIC5 and then a 4-5 interconnect to take signal back from the Flatcap2 into any of the regular DIN inputs on the NAC112.


Thank´s for your quick reply :smile:. Check on cable from Stageline.
However, since I am still a bit insecure :flushed: - from which socket on Flatcap should I use? ”Signal out D”?

If you are powering the Stageline directly from the Flatcap rather than via the powered AUX2 on the NAC112 (and assuming you are using the Flatcap POWER OUT A to power the pre-amp, and then sending signal to the NAP150 via SIGNAL OUT A) then for the Stageline you should connect the SNAIC5 to POWER OUT B and the 4-5 interconnect to SIGNAL OUT D.

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