How difficult is

It to remove phono boards from a nac 92 and install them in an 82?

Is there soldering involved or are they snap in?

No soldering is required, they clip in once you have got in to the case. If I remember correctly you need to do this carefully as the clips/bolts are plastic I think. Been a long time…

Thanks. I hoped it would be clip in. I’ll have a peek at the insides of the 92.
Will it still work on the phono inputs without boards or is there a link strip or plug that needs reinserting?

Obviously high level not as phono.

If the 82 has never had cards in the links may still be intact. I had better stop here as not 100% and others no doubt can chip in with more precise advice for you.

Ok. I haven’t opened it yet but if I use the 92 as the guide, there should be removable phono boards and a link that is snipped. That will need remaking- soldering I guess or just left unused as an input.

On the 82 if it hasn’t had phono boards previously there should be a clip in space but the same links unsnipped. Snip those , insert boards and Bobs your wotsit?

Yes it should be fairly obvious really, I just can’t remember exactly. I would leave 92 untouched unless you need the extra input.

Thanks. Tomorrows job sorted.

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