How do I get HDMI ARC working again?

Sound out from my LG65C2 into my Unity Atom via HDMI ARC has stopped working.

Can anyone advise how to get it working again?

I’ve checked the cable, checked the appropriate settings at both ends, and cycled the power on both ends. I am not aware of either device having had a recent software update.

Anyone got any ideas?


When you say “cycled the power”, you do know that with the Atom you have to disconnect or switch off the power? You can’t do a proper power cycle of an Atom using the front panel button…

Yes, thanks. Power off at the wall.


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Check the physical connections - plug and re plug - and also whether the tv has recently had a firmware update. This can mess with the rather convoluted handshaking that is required by HDMI (don’t get me started on that one!). If no joy, contact naim support and let them know the model and the firmware on both the tv and the Atom.

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ARC can often be turned on or off at one or both ends. Once you’ve checked that the cable is plugged into the port labelled HDMI ARC on the TV, make sure ARC is also enabled in the TV menu. If it has no HDMI settings menu then it should be on by default.

Bought a new HDMI cable, swapped it in, and TV sound is working again. For now, at least.

Not sure if the cable was faulty, or whether it just needed reseating.

Anyway, all good again.

Thanks for the suggestions.


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