How do I open the knob of the Naim NAC 62?

How do I open the knob of the Naim NAC 62 ?

whether using a hexagonal key or something else?
I want to try cleaning the sidelines behind the potentiometer knob and the input selector

thank you

sorry, maybe anybody can help, how to open the knob of Chrome Bumpers knob, I want to clean the dirt behind the knob.
Do I use just Philips screwdriver with proper size (minus model) or I must use hexagonal keys (L-keys) ?

thank you

I believe it is either a small Phillips or Flathead not a Hex Key accessed up behind the knob.

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thank you
can you decribed more detail or you have experience to open it ?

It’s been a while but I do still have a CB knob somewhere I’ll see if I can dig it out.

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thank you

happy if I can see the screw within the knob or you can separate it from the knob

many thanks

You’ll need to buy a set of miniature screwdrivers like the ones used in computer repairs and one will fit but be very careful as these knobs are prone to breaking after so many years.

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You’ll need a miniature screwdriver - flat head IIRC. loosen off the locking grub screw then just pull the knob off the shaft. Reverse the process to re-install. Make sure you don’t over-tighten as the plastic can get brittle with age and split or break.

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is there a photo of the shape of the knob locking bolt to the switch shaft?
what does the IIRC mean?
what is the width of the flathead?


IIRC = If I Recall Correctly.

No, I don’t have any photos of this. Perhaps another member can oblige you here.

If you look round the knob you will see a small hole in the rim, opposite edge to the hole in the face:

It is a small hole which is why a small screwdriver is needed, and also the space to work is restricted, particularly as the case protrudes past the facia by almost all the clearance on the skirt of the knob, unless you can turn the knob so the hole points to the outside of the case, as in the picture.

There is a screw head which I think is a slot, so flat blade screwdriver needed, and as it is near the centre of the knob, you have to feel for the proper engagement of the screwdriver in the screw head (which is why it is easier to work with a longish screwdriver with the handle hanging out past the case).

Take time to make sure the blade is in the screw slot, it is easy to get the blade wedged past the screw head and between the screw and the plastic housing that holds a square nut that the screw uses to add the bite to the shaft. If you twist with the blade here the plastic will fail easily, and repair will be required.

Loosen by a couple of turns and the knob slides off, and you can see the assembly once you can get round the back.

The shaft is round, so the screw will have to be tight to make sure the knob grips, particularly the selection knob. The volume knob is easier, unless you turn against the stops (usually the anticlockwise direction!!). Over tightening will certainly break the seating of the square nut used in the knob, and I think I added some plastic material to strengthen the area round the nut. Only attempt this if you are confident with the materials.

It would have been an improvement to the design is there was a flat milled on the shaft, so to help with the grip. Even a hole through the shaft, and a turned screw end to fit would make a better job here. Poor design, aggravated by the aging of the plastic knob material.

I do not have a picture of the back of the knob, and in view of the fragile nature of the material I do not want to risk removal and refixing more that is necessary.

Hope this is enough to guide you to safe working…


thank you very much for a very detailed and detailed explanation.

  1. The performance of the ON-OFF knob is still good, only I feel that the knob rotates for a while, maybe 1-3 degrees, then it works with a click sound, this also applies if I turn from ON to OFF and vice versa. Functionally, both the knob and switch are still functioning properly

  2. The age of NAP 140 is not young anymore, I agree by considering the age of the plastic material, I think it is risky to open and close the knob if it is still functioning properly

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