How do I play Qobuz on my 272?

Yeah, I haven’t paid anything for Bubblesoft.

I think we all now agree that it doesn’t cost 100 quid :-).
Both client and server are free. However, without the 4 or 5 pound licence for the client, some of the features are restricted and I believe it displays adds on the app. Great for at least trying it out and seeing if you like it. I paid for the license within a few minutes of using it (basically once I saw that it worked). Nominal fee as far as I was concerned and you get regular updates. I don’t use the server, just the app (you don’t need the server if all you are doing is using the app at home to get Qobuz (or Tidal or anything else) to your streamer (in this case 272). Once set up (which only takes a couple on minutes) it’s a doddle to use.

Again, Bubblesoft is free as is the Kazoo app.

No. Rooupnp or Audirvana

Can Audirvana stream Quboz to a Naim Nac272? I’ve got a Mac mini running Audirvana (the original version not the subscription based studio version) which I’m using for Upnp streaming of tidal masters etc. Wondering if quboz would work the same way.

Just got my Wiim Pro. It is connected to the Superuniti via SPDIF (aka Toslink), so I assume I am still using the SU’s DAC. Internet radio is finally available in 44.1/16. This is really a big step for relatively little money.
Does not affect sound, but the integration of the Tidal app is something Naim should take a look at. I have always been satisfied with the Naim app, but this integration is so much better here.
A cheap but very good sollution to upgrade 1st gen streamer I should say. Will try line out/in maybe later so see how good or bad the Wiim’s DAC is.

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Don’t know much about Audirvana, but if it supports your 272 as a renderer for Upnp streaming of Tidal Masters to the 272, then it “should” also do the same for Qobuz since Audirvana supports Qobuz. I and others use bubbleupnp to do the same (i.e. use bubbleupnp to connect to Qoboz and then upnp stream to the 272).

Yes, can do. I ran Audirvana 3.5 (legacy version*) on a Mac Mini via UPnP into a NAC 272. Qobuz sounded noticeably better than Tidal imo.

*Audirvana’s latest release (local streaming only) is called ‘Origin’, probably just to confuse everyone…

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