How do I play Qobuz on my 272?

I have just signed up for a 1 month trial of Qobuz as many folks here prefer it to Tidal. It is not on the naim app. So do I have to Bluetooth to the 272 or is there another way? Do I need to use another device plugged into the 272?

Qobuz does not work with 1st gen streamers. You would need an additional device like a Wiim and connect that to your 272, bviously through a digital input so you use the 272’s DAC rather than the one of the additional device.

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@segelmatt Thanks for that. It sounds a bit of a faff. I might just wait till a get a newer streamer.

I believe you can do it with software; m connect or bubbleupnp.


The free option is to use Bubble (Android only) or MConnect on your control pad.
Better sound quality still is Bubble UPnP server but this is slightly more money - 100 quid or so.

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There are quite a few options. I used to use Bubble UPnP server running on a NAS, controlled by an app such as Linn Kazoo or Lumin. Free if you have a suitable NAS.


Very helpful link. I am a numpty with computers but will ask local hifi shops about the suggestions. Thanks.

I think they will suggest a 222!


That or Linn Selekt is where I am heading! I like an easier life and happy to pay for it within reason.

Still, UPnP or not, you are using a streamer ouside the 272. That is what I meant by “an additional device”. You do not use the (presumably excellent) streaming chip of the 272. Second, you need to get the signal into the 272.
The question remains whether all this results in worse SQ. It does with my mobile (Samsung A50, Samsung tablet) or TV (Sony KD something).
For my setup I will be able to report more once I get hold of a Wiim Pro.

No, you’re not. You can leave the stream playing and shut your control point down/off.

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I used a Lumin U1 mini on my former 272 + Qobuz + Roon. Great upgrade from the built in streamer in 272 IMO.

I bought a Primare NP5 streamer to link digitally to my NDX - sounds better than the bare NDX actually (not sure how? New tech maybe?).

My NP5 was bought used off an auction site - less than half new cost.


It’s not, there is a licence fee. Cheap though or was when I bought mine.
Bubble App is free.

Try the new JPLAY app or Mconnect or BubbleUPnP if your an Android user.

It’s £3.99 for the licence.

If you use Bubble UPnP Server as I suggested above it runs on a NAS or other suitable device on your network. An iOS device just controls it. It works as a proxy server to buffer the incoming stream from Qobuz (or Tidal, or a local stream) so your 272 still fully uses its streamer to process the incoming stream in the usual way.
This is not the same as using a separate streamer into an SPDIF input, which would bypass the streaming board, but still uses the Sharc DSP which feeds the 272 DAC chip.

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“BubbleUPnP UPnP/DLNA License” is available to purchase from the google play store.

This is the license app for BubbleUPnP, removing the ads and limitations of the free version. Please first install and evaluate the free BubbleUPnP app.
Once this license app is installed, start the BubbleUPnP app for the license to be automatically recognized.

Bubblesoft on your NAS and use Kazoo if you’re using iOS devices. It’s free, no license fee. So long as your NAS has ffmpeg it’ll run without a hitch and the SQ is sublime. You’ll need to set transcoding to wav in the bubblesoft settings though. Lots of threads here on how to do it. It’s not too difficult.

It’s the client that isn’t free. The server component is. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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