How do ye feel about Power line Cables?

Curious about your opinion on Naim Powerline Cables and are they worth the investment of 600 pounds each? Are they that much better than the Naim cables that come with the amp and pre? Also, is there a generic brand out there can ye like and obviously somewhat less inexpensive?

Appreciate all your help.

I’ve swapped out Powerline Lites with full fat Powerlines on Wireworld Matrix board, PSUs, 250DR, and Uniti Core. Definitely worth the upgrade IMO. I bought mine pre-loved or ex-demo

I agree with bongoman. I have one on my SN2 and another one on my ND5 XS. After hearing what they did (lower noise, more details), I would never go back to the stock cable.


Got most of mine from ex demo dealers clear out…take your time, they are good.

Thanks for all the advice on their quality.

I will hold out and not rush. Any suggestions on places or shops to check out over the next months?

Thanks again

Audio t have a regular clear out, or just talk to your local dealer on expectations and timing.

Thanks. I will check them out.

Tried many options out there and settled on Naim Powelines. Use them in my 2 main systems on all components.

thanks Adam. Definitely going to be looking out for some.

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Excellent upgrades in my experience.



Just to present a different view, I own one but prefer the standard, so don’t use it.
Initially it impress with details but in the long run in my system I prefer the bass balance of the standard cables.

Note, I have the EU version. If I were UK based, who knows…

I tried the Powerigel Plus, which is a Powerlined Powerigel, and preferred the older version.

isotek cables are good too with naim . Nordost, Chord. I use kharma matrix, that i prefer to powerline and kharma gr on nap 250dr.

The Powerlines should be better, otherwise they wouldn’t make them.

Why don’t Powerlines come standard with every piece of Naim equipment if they think it is better than the regular power cables? It shouldn’t cost that much!

Go back to basics.

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Interesting view. Might research a little further. Thankd

Interesting that you mention this because I called Naim today when my dealer suggested buying better power cables with my purchases (250/272). I called Naim themselves because i wanted to be confident that the dealer wasn’t trying to get a little more out of me.

Although, I understood the reasoning Naim gave me for the powerline additions, it is confusing to me why you sell basic cables if you manufacture something that is overall better. If it is a question of money then add on a little extra for the better cables and don’t make the basic ones. If sound is everything then give the better cables. My humble opinion.


Based in the US I have replaced the standard cables with TibiaPlus12 Deep-Cryo AC Cable (6 ft.) from AV Options LLC who provides NAIM Service in the US and also sells Electrical supplies as well as NAIM Powerlines. The company has many positive reviews for their service and products.

Thanks for that info. I will call them tomorrow although I will be asking them for ones for the European market (plug obviously) since I’m moving home next year.

I’m looking out in Ireland and England too but it would be nice to get it all worked out before the move because I will have lot of other things going on and worry about. Looking at different options.

Thanks again to everyone.

Using that logic, why don’t BMW just manufacture M cars for each range instead of the smaller engined versions. Because not everybody can afford or wants to even spend the amount of money the M versions cost.

Saying that, if Naim want to price the 552 at 5i levels, then I’m in! :wink:

552s for all! :grinning:

I have to respectfully disagree with your analogy :slight_smile: Yes, for someone that is relatively new to Naim and is upgrading my secondhand XS to a new 250, I don’t expect the equivalent inner workings of a 500 or statement for the same price but I don’t see a power cord as the brains of the beast but simply as medium to bring power to feed it.

It’s not a big deal, I was just surprised when I learned about this today and if I was flush with money then who would care about another 600 pounds per cord. That said, from what I have read and said here, I will probably get some but will look out for demo ones :slight_smile: