How do you centre the Balance on a 202?

I’m not one to adjust the balance, except to check that I have the speaker cables plugged in the right way around.

So I used the Balance control on the remote, now I don’t know how to centre it ! Help !!

Get close to the preamp so you can hear the balance motor moving. Go either left or right, and then back to the center. When the balance gets to the center the motor will stop and the light on the volume knob will blink twice.

Use the balance buttons on the remote control. It will stop when it’s centered and will flash the green led on the volume knob. It will then be centred. Any problems you can factory default the 202 it’s in the manual.

Tells you how in the manual for the 202 in the narcom 4 section.


Thanks for the responses, I did search before I posted, most of the responses were about bypassing the balance pot ! So I posted the question.

Of course five minutes later, google finds me the answer and they’re from the Naim forum :joy:

I do have a soft version of the manual (a bit harder to flip through) and it wasn’t mentioned in the volume-balance part of the manual.

First listen, the 202/200 is sounding good :blush:
Thanks again !!

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