How do you DR a HICAP

Ive seen a HICAP for sale which has been upgraded to DR spec at considerable cost. Is that a factory mod and if so will the resultant HICAP be in all ways the same as a factory DR? Hope that makes sense.

Yes and yes.

Keeping It Simple.


In the UK the DR upgrade was only available from Naim’s in house service dept. I can’t imagine it was that popular, as it was so expensive that it would almost certainly have been cheaper to sell your old non-DR Hicap and buy a new, factory fresh HicapDR with a 5 year warranty.

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Perhaps that was another reason for discontinuing it…?

The Hicap upgrade was particularly expensive in proportion its retail price, especially after Naim made a full service a compulsory part of it.
My guess is that Naim just decided that they had offered it for a decent period of time, and that was enough. It must have been quite a lot of work for their service dept whose workload must already be substantial given the ever growing (in both quantity and complexity) stock of Naim kit that’s out there.

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If it has a DR sticker next to the serial number, it’s probably Kosher. Not aware that any non-authorised service centers could perform this upgrade (unless it’s a Chinese knock-off).

If you telephone Naim Customer Service in Salisbury and quote the serial number of the unit, they’ll be able to tell you if they carried out the DR upgrade to your HiCap.