How do you import playlists into ND5 XS2 via a USB music stick

I have all my music on a USB stick that I use in the Front slot of my ND5 XS2. I also have a lot of really good playlists in iTunes, that I can export to .MSU files.
Most Music servers I have used in the past will read .msu playlist files. Below is a simple example containing one track

#EXTINF:174,Cotton Club Stomp - Take B - Duke Ellington
/Various Artists/Peppermint Candy CD1/07-Cotton Club Stomp - Take B-Duke Ellington.flac

The problem is that the Streamer does not see these through Server Mode. If you browse via the USB method, you can see the files, but they do not do anything.
I have tried several version of the file, e.g. relative paths, changing slashes for back slashes, but no luck.

Can this be done, or is it something that needs a App/Firmware upgrade possibly? I am happy to post process the msu files if that is the Naim requirement.

Are you on UPNP mode or Usb mode? If you choose UPNP in the settings, through Naim app, you should be able to see correctly the albums.
At least I believe…

Hi, I don’t see a UPNP mode, but suspect that is the same as server mode, and in both “server mode” and browse USB mode, it doesn’t recognise the msu playlist files. All REAL albums and artists show up correctly. If no one answers here , I will try Naim support and report back. -Thanks

If you see the playlists anywhere it will be via the Server input, but my suspicion is that the basic server that the streamer runs is not able to do this. A call to Naim support should confirm one way or the other.
If this is a priority you may want to run a server on your computer and point it at your iTunes library.

Thanks @ChrisSU. No playlists in server mode other then the couple I created, Certainly no high priority - just the icing on the cake, and a feature I think it should do, and would be useful for me, plus possibly others that use this method.

I emailed Naim Support, so will report back here when I get a response - Thanks Everyone

Not had a response from Naim as yet. I guess they are busy with the firmware issues. I emailed them again, so lets see what happens.

Do you mean m3u playlist files rather than msu?

You might find you need to fiddle with the format of the paths to match the operating system requirements. I have to manually edit the ones I create to sit on my QNAP NAS - I think that’s Linux-based.

Hi Gavin, yes meant m3u files. I have tried several combination of full and relative paths with slashes and backslashes, and not found a combination that works. Hopefully it’s a simple answer from Naim to confirm an example format, or they might just not support them, yet!

Wasn’t getting any Naim response from email, so tried one of my other email addresses, and voila got an email with the ticket number 89565. This was 10 days ago, so hears hoping that now the 3.5.1 streaming firmware update it now out(ish) they will have time to investigate other queries.

Naim did get back to me, and although it seems that this is currently not possible, they have added it as a future request.

In the meantime, to help give weight around this, please either “like” this, or add a short comment if its a feature you would also like.

Many Thanks

I have no interest in the feature you would like but if I had a problem I would certainly like a timely response and not have to wait weeks. Maybe instead of any future dev work they can add people to deal with current users problems. Its not the first time I have heard this. I must say if I have a question I just pick the phone up and have always had a response while on the call. Maybe since covid things are different…

Absolutely, I could have called them and got a quicker response, however

  1. It was raised during the 3.5.0 firmware issues, and so in comparison, this was low priority, and something for a wish list, rather than must have
  2. From a career in IT, some issues are better described in writing
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