How does my naim streamer work?

I get that both streamer ( ndx2 in my case) is connected to my wap/router box thing, which in term is connected to the www. As is my phone that controls ndx2 via the app.

But, does my router needed to be connected to the www in order for my ndx2 to stream from say my nas drive?

No. NAS is local streaming. Just needs to be on your network. Your router does of course need to be working and turned on

Your router creates a Local Area Network (LAN) that all your devices connect to. They can communicate with each other independent of internet status, which comes from the Wide Area Network (WAN) outside your house.

Specific device and software needs based on active internet will dictate how much functionality you can use without internet. But playing local files will work as long as your LAN is up.

My NDX2 takes about 5 minutes before I can use it when it starts up from cold. It is back with my dealer, who says there is an ongoing issue with “the Naim server.” It is mainly affecting Muso 2s. No idea what the fix will be.
So o was wondering if the ndx2 needed to communicate outside if my LAN to even play music from my nas.

The app finds the ndx2 promptly, but it takes a further 5 to 20 minutes before I can control the music choice. The system automation works fine.

Your ‘router’ is really not just a router, it’s also an Ethernet switch, wireless access point and DHCP server in one box. Your connected devices don’t communicate with each other directly, they all so so via this router. So it needs to be switched on in any case.

Not sure what your dealer means by ‘Naim server’, your streamer would only need access to a remote server for firmware updates. There is a music server built into your NDX2, but Musos don’t have them and you presumably are not using yours if you have a NAS.

The long delay you mention does seem a bit odd. Possibly a discovery issue, so the first thing I would try is a router restart.

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indeed, your dealer response sounds a bit dubious tbh, as Chris said, I would be more inclined to suspect your network / router. Did you try it at your dealers place?

You or your network need a dns server. Some routers will still assign dns addresses when the wan is down others nnot, depending on things I do not understand, and probably setup dependent.
A while back I had a very unstable internet supplier and needed to setup a dns server on a local machine to get my hifi to work.

The home router I believe is fine. The Muso 2 behaves as it should.
The NDX2 is discovered quickly upon turning it on, but it is unresponsive to the app and the Naim remote. Wait a further 5 to 10 minutes and then all is well. If I leave the unit on standby, there is no problem. But if I turn it off via the power supply, I get the issue described.

The router has been restarted a few times, the ndx2 and my phone that controls it blacklisted from 5 Ghz wifi. And the ndx2 has had a number of factory resets. Problem remains.

The unit is with the dealer to test.

If I power up my 222 from cold (i.e. from being unplugged from power) then it takes a short while to boot up. I’ve not timed it but something like a minute (or maybe less). The Nam app discovers my 222 early in this boot up phase. So I think that’s normal.

So why does your NDX 2 take longer? Perhaps it is trying to connect with something on the internet which either takes some time to achieve or actually fails (i.e. it times out). So it maybe a network internet access issue? Does your router or ISP block any protocols or sites?

Thanks. I have been through my routers setting with a fine tooth combe. Nothinng jumps out. Plus my muso2 works fine. It us not a wifi issue as the ndx2 perdorms slowly on ethernet too.
Im going to call my dealer later.

I’m totally guessing but I suspect in the boot up phase (which occurs when powered up from a mains disconnected state) that your NDX 2 is searching the internet for something that either takes a long time or fails. Maybe checking for a firmware update? So likely not an issue with your network unless it’s blocking something, although you have checked already for that.

Hopefully your dealer will be able to help :grinning:.

The dealer has replicated the fault. So a return to Salisbury is required. No idea whether it is hardware or software related.

Do you have a fixed ip?

I think so. Well, it always appears to be the same. But I have the DHCP thing ticked in the app.

I ask because when setting a fixed ip users will often put say as the dbs server. In which case your naim may be trying to get to the web, if you put your routers ip often or then the naim will goto the router for dns

You do t have multiple routers do you, mesh WiFi systems often have routing function. You don’t want two routers on the same network

Simple network. Some stuff on ethernet some on wifi. Another wap upstairs for mu srcond hifi streamer ( node). Nas via ethernet. Everything else just works !