How does the SN3 ”know” that a Hicap is connected?

Does the Hicap’s 24V control a relay in SN3 to make it shut off the SN3’s internal 24V to the preamp?
In my old Cyrus 2 there are 2 internal fuses, that have to be removed, if an external psu is connected.

relevant stuff get re routed once the link plug is removed


As Damien mentions, the link plug is the key here as it carries L&R signals and a 24V power link between the SN3 pre and power amp sections. Once removed, the SN3 pre-amp section needs an external PSU, in this case, two 24V power rails from the Hicap provides this now.


As said, removing the link ‘plug’ breaks the signal path.


Its all done by a dedicated team of Technical Elves at Salisbury…

They just know



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It’s AI enabled.

That is the physical side we experience… (link plug removal);
I believe and the manual nay back these sentiments up- a chip inside will inspect the present running arrangement and yhen reconfigure.
I think it ‘books a reboot’: and the user needs to ’ turn the (Super)Nait Off and back On again ’ for the system to run as expected when changing to/from an external power supply unit.

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As with any power supply related connections, you should power the unit(s) off first before disconnecting cables or link plugs.

Removing the link plug and adding a Hicap to the SN3 should be done with both units powered off.

There is circuitry to detect loss of power to the pre-amp side, hence the mute button flashing with the link plug removed (and no external PS attached). Pressing the mute button puts the SN3 into power-amp mode.