How does your day look like?

Sounds a great vacation is it the cherry blossom time?

Good point … her indoors Is partial to PN, I just do not have a lot. I’ll check the cellar for that overlooked bottle.

I’ll have to check … but not much within my budget, hence moving from claret to Rhônes.
I did get some from the Wine Society a few years ago.
Now I’ve heard that the Romanians have been producing some everyday Pinot noir recently…

Yes - I’ve had some Romanian Pinot, it’s not at all bad, though without the depth and richness of a good Burgundy. Better than Beune though. I think some other, less trendy regional French wines partner well with food, particularly Languedoc and I’m a big fan of Portuguese wines too, more so than Spanish. Majestic do a good range of these varietals.

My good lady found some last year; however, I’m reluctant to try them, possibly because of poor examples in the past. But they may be a solution to tonight’s meal.

I’m taking a break from gardening but have yet to venture to the cellar …

Portuguese vino has undergone something of a renaissance in recent years, the best I’ve found are in Majestic around the 8-quid mark. Whites are less successful I think, vinho verde is over-farmed or whatever the expression is in the main. Another alternative could be a good Chianti Classico, if you can find one as most of the supermarket wine is pretty average to say the least but I do like Italian wine, well I do when I can find a good one!

I’ve previously mentioned this one from Majestic, and at just under a tenner a bottle, when you buy six, it’s not bad at all.

Porta 6 Reserva.

Everyday usually looks forward to a nap around 3:30 to 4:30.

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I had not thought of that … off to the cellar now.

I’ve very few bottles of chianti - all 2015 vintage. Perhaps bit young for now.
I also found a Chilean Pinot Noir that is passable, and a Portuguese Syrah; the latter from my better half and the former bought to fill the gap in the cellar for when she comes over.

I’ve not been to Majestic for a year or two, so I must take a diversion.
I normally buy Guigal from them plus the odd Riesling when they have some in.

They are going to rebrand as Naked Wines, and close quite a few stores, keeping a reasonable retail footprint, but looking to online as their primary growth area.

Thanks Eoink for the update

As a long term Naked Wines customer, I have to observe that when Majestic bought out Naked, retaining Naked’s Rowan Gormley as CEO, it does seem slightly ironic that the Company has now decided to move largely to the online sales model.

So, Rowan has trousered some 70m via the Majestic buy out, only for the business to revert to his original Naked concept … nice work, fella. :thinking:

Speaking with some of the local Majestic staff on Monday, it’s been hinted that the planned future high street presence might involve more of a “wine buying experience” … oh, please! :roll_eyes: … especially when most of the present Majestic premises tend to be off the high street, and the leases, as far as my local one is concerned, are as cheap as chips… basically, if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it … speaking as a customer of both Naked and Majestic.

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(Yet) another hard day at the “office”…

Up at 6:30, arrive at 08:00. Planes ready for 09:00 and briefing complete by 09:45
Airbourne by 10:15 and on top of the haze/clouds by 10:20.
Licence Proficiency Check with candidate No 1 complete and back on the ground by 11:30 and the paperwork complete by 12:00 with lunch to follow.

Afternoon…similar routine…glorious clear blue skies above the haze. Wonderful.

And I actually get paid to do this !!!

Left home on a 7:36am bus into Manchester. Didn’t arrive until 8:50am. Fortunately can work remotely on an iPad Pro. Quick coffee and then a 41 minute tram into Ashton for a 10am meeting which ran to 12:45pm and nailed 10 actions. Back on the tram and then a bus back to work. Arrived 2:30pm. Left 3:30pm for another bus to Manchester for a foot appointment. Started late and over-ran by 15 minutes. Then have to get a bus down Oxfor Road in order to get a seat on the bus back. Arrived home 7:15pm.

Looks like this thread could turn into an Arthur Hailey book !!

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Currently dicking around on my iPad. I think I’ll go watch Star Trek in the media room with a beer.

Not a fan of Naked Wine, I found their selection limited and they emailed me way too much. I went back to laithwaites where i do most of my shopping now. I have a guy called Tom who phones me once a month to see if i want to order and gives me discounts even on the special offers.

Breakfast with Karen, Smooth radio on. Off to Nottingham for a wander and some food. Gym in the afternoon while Karen has her nails done. Off for a nice meal somewhere. Home and then its music time :slight_smile:

Today will be a day of logistics. All kids do sports and I need to do the shopping. We exhausted all our stock and I need to supply fresh food for the coming days. 8 litres of yoghurt, 4 litres milk, 2 kg muesli, 30 eggs … it is all gone in the blink of an eye.

The good thing is that our kids eat fruit and vegetables well so I probably will feel proud when I return.

This afternoon I will need to repair some of our garden furniture for this season and then lawn needs attention too.

I have disconnected the hicap of the 72/140 setup yesterday will need to do some re setup on the hifi gear. The unfortunate thing is that my wife and I did not agree yet on a rack and some repositioning so it will be a temporary setup again.

I hope to watch star wars / lotr / hobbit tonight with the oldest two kids and prepare the services in church for tomorrow (I’m organist).

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