How good is the Naim NDS

I think it’s worth remembering that just over a year ago the NDS was Naims source of choice when demoing their top systems including their Statement system.


Too true and fine enough to keep me going for a while longer especially as mine was only 2 years old when the new new wonder machine came out. I squeeze every last drop with SL interconnects and a 555PSDR. I certainly sounds far from broken!

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same for me, i bought my nds less than 3 years ago. I am not in a hurry to upgrade, specially due to the high price of the nd555.
I project first to listen to the linn klimax ds3. The philosophy of linn upgrading path for the streamers is better for the money.
From what i read, the ds3 seems to time well too.

I remember the 555 demo clearly
First several tracks though a NDS / core combo into 500 series …and I was thinking…this 555 had better be pretty special to top this
Then the 555 was played…and it did top the NDS by a margin …but it wasn’t night and day …just better all round
For the prices the NDS fetch now …I’m hanging on to mine !!


When I first heard the nd555 against an nds there was definitely a significant uplift but the nds did not afterwards sound at all broken - a step down, yes, but still very good indeed

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It does indeed time very well.

My only disappointment with the Linn Klimax streamers is that they have stopped offering the DS/3 as a streamer/DAC only. If you want to buy new, you now have to purchase the Klimax DSM (Katalyst) which incorporates a pre-amplifier. This may suit some, but is not really of interest to me.

i didn’t know that. Disappointing indeed. Maybe some only ds3/dac streamers left on stock?

A lot to be said for the dcs bridge mentioned above.

However I’d give my vote to the Auralic Aries G2 (G1’s ability apparently is not anyway proportional to the price difference so this may be worth a try too), it will provide an excellent transport to your nDAC.

Don’t underestimate what the transport brings to the party.

The NDS is a cul de sac, albeit a pretty one. A bridge product will give so much more life to your current system.



It is better than à NDX.

you are french? you wrote à ndx…

The NDS is brilliant… but it really needs the 555psdr to really shine… but as you have an ndac … I suggest you get a second hand 555ps / or preferably dr … it should make a phenomenal upgrade. I remember adding the 555ps to the 272 that made a staggering difference…upgrading the 555ps to DR when using the NDS … was also a very worthwhile upgrade. Upgrade your psu with a 555ps you will not regret it.

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I started with the Naim DAC and 555PS. It sounds great, many people will probably disagree but IMHO it sounded better than the NDS with a single PS. It had a much more organic sound to it… maybe not quite the resolution.


I really did need a streamer. In the end a second hand NDS was purchased and replaced my n-DAC. I enjoy the upgrade & it was a setup up over what I had. I already had a 555PSDR and I use a HDX as source.

Only really got the NDS because if / when my HDX dies I cannot stream from a UnityCore or whatever source I eventually go with. As great as the n-DAC is / was , it was a bit of a dead end for me.

If you have, or ever get a NAS on which to store music, try running something like Asset or Minimserver to your NDS. You may (or may not) be surprised by the extent to which the HDX gets in the way of the music. I speak from first hand experience. As ever, your mileage may vary.

Yep totally agree… try a little wdmycloud they are cheap but pretty damn good. Then you may want to sell your NDX…the NDS with the dr 555 psu is terrific.

What do you think was making it muddy?
Did you buy any of the items second hand?
Was the system previously clearer, but then got muddy over time or after certain changes?

Interesting questions - looking back it was a lack of definition, hence my preference for simple arrangements, classical guitar and unadorned voices.

All the equipment was bought new, the 135s, 52 and Supercaps have travelled around Europe with me. They certainly needed a service.

I was not able to compare before and after when I renovated my home. So I cannot say how much things changed moving from CDS to NDS and SBLs to Ovator 600s (renovations took 2 years). All I can say I was disappointed with the impact of the dedicated wiring until I split the consumer unit and put in a parallel earth.

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Perhaps you are missing the magic of a CDS/SBL based system…

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This year I started with the NDX/XPS DR into the SN2 and thought I was going well. Then, a dealer showed me the Chord DAVE, which was spectacular and illustrated that there was room for improvement in my system. Since so many NDS units became readily available, I purchased one and used it with the XPS DR. I immediately appreciated the improvement in detail but recently I got an ex-demo 555PS and I could not believe the improvement in soundstage and detail! I am completely happy and satisfied with my system, until I audition the new SN3!


so you have listened to the SN3?