How good is the ND555?

The bartock was also pre upgrade, since then it had the free 2.0 dac software. Just to clear that up.
Back on topic as they say

My thoughts are much the same, bruss. What I generally find is that I only notice an uplift in SQ after I have made 4 or 5 of the more subtle improvements/tweaks.
At that point there is no doubt that the reproduction is better that it was earlier on, but I usually can’t hear a noticeable improvement after each individual tweak, and I really don’t need to.

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Clearly I’m flogging a dead horse here…


A Cervelo will beat a Treck any day.


Yea, but you can’t buy either from Ickea…

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:slight_smile: Systemdeck or Sondeck … such a conundrum.

Just went at my dealer place, to compare Nd555 vs Meitner MA3. The electronics were Gryphon Essence ( 40 k euros). Speakers were Apertura Adamante ( 11 k). Non Naim cables

Unfortunately I won’t be able to save some money, neither space and diminish number of boxes.
The Meitner uses Mconnect HD app. Less convivial vs the Naim app.
The Meitner went lower on the bass. But the high frequencies were pushed more. It was less refined on top.
The voices were more natural with the Naim, the real big difference.
Globally the Naim was more analog, less digital if I may say. Less tiring after a long listening. The Meitner was more demonstrative, but quickly more tiring.


I don’t get the bits of wood on top of the ND555

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There are bits of wood everywhere - Naim Jenga ?


Does the case ring? For sure the 555ps casework rings like a bell. Maybe the nd555 is more like the CDS3 in that the casework does not ring.
I’m sure he not cutting meat on them :rofl:
No doubt something would be said if people saw hockey pucks all over the place :rofl:

The ND555 cost £16500 plus 555 PSU (or x2) if bits of wood are required to make it sound better there’s something seriously wrong with the design.

most likely to allow stacking of another bit of kit on top for demo purposes

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There’s a Fraim to the right to properly demonstrate the ND555

I have a turntable puck on one of my boxes because it rings so I can here it 3m away…

Woods everywhere….I know. It’s ridiculous. But the dealer wants to put his brand on the front. ( Roboli). Can’t say if this decoupling is effective or not, but it looks weird, yes. Even the cables were Roboli….

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What do You mean by the casework rings?

I’ve always wondered is the Fraim system popular amongst many non Naim users for other manufacturers kit? Presumably it offers the same sonic benefits.

Sonically you can hear them “ring” without much damping in the case of the powersupplies and the head units as well, but not the cds3