How good is the Supernait 2 comparing…?

Have you held on to your Aethos Per?

Yep, still here.
Actually I went from SN2 to SN2/HCDR to Naim separates to Aethos.
I do have other choice awaiting, shameless my Nait 50 still in its sealed box, one day it will come into duty. :sunglasses:

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Ah, good to hear it’s still performing well. I’m a fan of the Aethos! What sources are you feeding it?

I have been reading users comments and reviews of the SN2 and like it a lot but the HC prices, even used ones, will add a significant amount to the final price.
My “problem” is that I want to keep three system combinations with different amps and speakers and keep a Naim system as one of them, but this means ideally just one box… but perhaps the size of the HC can be accommodated.

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I wouldn’t worry with a HCDR now.

The SN2 is fine on its own, in fact in some combinations I found I preferred SN2 single.
Later on there will always pop up good s/h offers.

If you need one box only, try get a listen to Nait 50 vs SN2 - thats a very interesting issue.


Here is a picture of a Supernait and an Hicap under it. You have an idea of the dimensions.
As you don’t want to loose the sweetness you have with your actual 122/150 electronics. the Hicap will give you more refinement, sweetness, organic sound.
But no rush.

Picture from High Tech site.


Thanks for your suggestion, but the funny thing is although I don’t want to have more boxes than needed, I still want a full size component! This can be strange as I am all for the sound quality but the Nait 50’s rack presence doesn’t suit my aesthetic needs.
Does this make sense at all? :slight_smile:

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I had that system without the x’s - I kept the 112 much longer than popular wisdom decrees and while I realised what I had been missing when I finally changed it I never felt dissatisfied while I had it.

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My ex wife and I bought the 112x and 150x many years ago. She listens to a lot of electronic music. Goth and aggrotech. The 112x in the end wasn’t resolving enough so a 202 was needed.

Why not an SN3 ?

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And it doesn’t have a remote And only 40wpc !

I also had the excellent 122x/Flatcap/150x but with different speakers than I have with my SN2 so not a fair comparison but I definitely wouldn’t go back to the 122 system.

I don’t use a Hicap with my SN2 and don’t feel the need to add one it’s an excellent amplifier on its own and for the price you can find them for used these days an absolute steal.