How long for Epic X burn-In?

I just had installed Epic X interconnects and Epic X speaker cable. How long should I expect for burn-in? Thanks.

My Din-Din Epic X from my Superline/HiCap DR to 282 sounded amazing out of the box and just got better and better.
It’s been in place for a couple of months now and I think it must be done as far as burn in is concerned.


Mine too sounded good out of the box. They replaced Shawline interconnects and very old Chord Silver Screen speaker cable. The Shawline interconnects were 9 months old. The Silver Screen speaker cable was from 2014 or 2012. Chord discontinued the Silver Screen speaker cable in 2015, I believe.

I don’t know if I noticed any difference with time…

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My speaker cable took 6 months. Or maybe that is how long it took for me to get used to it.

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Since I am only breaking in cables and not speakers, can I break them in at low volume, so the process can run over night?

Don’t worry about it. Just enjoy your music as normal, and wherever running in is required will just happen.


You can but as HH says, don’t worry about it. Burn in isn’t half as dramatic as it might appear from audio forums and really you are only talking about at max the last 15%.

Leave them running low volume at night for a week. If you’re not happy at that stage, perhaps you’ve made a mistake and if you can return them.

Think about it, who in their right mind would make a cable that takes 6 months to sound optimal. And who in their right mind who makes cables wouldn’t remain silent on the burn in period and try to convince purchasers to put up with less than stellar performance until it’s too late to return them?


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When i bought my Epic X speaker cables the company i bought them from offered a free 96 hour cable burn in service. Even with that service, i am hearing improvements in SQ many months latter.
As has been said, the improvements are very small and the best thing is just to listen to and enjoy the music. Good cables are still good cables and Epic X defo fall into the good cable category. One thing that they do show up in abundance is a bad recording will sound very bad.

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How do you know any apparent improvement i SQ has anything to do with the cables?

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Because the only change to my system has been the speaker cables. There are also two cd’s that i have played regularly, Sheridan Smith/A Northern Soul and Rummer/Seasons Of My Soul. Both albums show the same improvements in SQ, much deeper and better defined bass, mids have sharpened up as well. The soundstage also has a bigger sense of depth to it, although it was good before it has certainly gained a lot over time. The bass has actually filled out to the point that i have now started using bass traps because it became a bit too boomy for my taste, the traps cured it instantly.

You are assuming the cable is changing - which is a rather big assumption, given that human hearing is not constant: We don’t hear the same every day due to physiological effects, and of course our mental processing of the sound also changes both as we get used to things such as a new sound presentation, and as we listen to the same things focussing on different aspects of the sound.


Cable is burned in when you stop thinking about it. :wink: :+1:t2:

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It’s Schrodinger’s Cable!


And more seriously…
It seems to me that for connections between pre and power amps, the manufacturer’s options are extremely likely to be the best.

How long it takes is just a matter of how much you play, the more the better. This is what Steve Sells wrote in response to a similar question…
.The Naim New Classic range - Part 1 - #2366 by 110dB