How many spinnys?

Just wondering if this is just the way things are with the naim app - or whether this is related to network settings at my place.

I Open the naim app - and it takes about 5 seconds for the streamer screens to show up. I just see the spiny for a few seconds.
Is that normal?

Most often this is dependent on your network.

My Nova which is on the latest firmware now does exactly that, whereas before the update it was always instantly responsive. My Muso Qb whose firmware is now 3 iterations older always responds instantly.

I conclude that Naim did something in the firmware which causes this delay, but I’m not really bothered by it, and who knows, there may be a very good reason for it to be there.

I think you’re correct - the Nova does seem slower appearing in the app.

I’ve always noticed in the past that if you restart it, or after a frimware change the Nova always tended to appear on the network before it had fully started up, perhaps announcing itself on the network and attempting to respond to selections/playback operations when other software aspects weren’t quite ready could have caused some problems.

Not sure if it’s new but when there is a connectivity error I now see a long rambling page of text in the app, and I have to scroll to the bottom which is off the screen to reach the ‘search (again) for devices’ button - I’d prefer this was nearer the top of the page so I didn’t hav eto scroll or hunt for it (iPhone X).

Are you using Android or iOS? In my case the iOS app does usually find my superuniti quickly, but the android app requires some spinnings and a complete screen refresh that is quite annoying.

Using iOS 12 point something, on iPhone and iPad. Same situation.

With iOS (even iOS 12) the network streamer discover should be instant i.e. You open the app and ‘rooms / streamers’ just show up.
Latency of 5 seconds would point towards some issues with the way the network is configured…

Adam.Zielinski my network has not changed since I hard wired everything that could be hardwired 18 months ago. The ONLY thing that has changed is the firmware on my Nova.

As I said earlier, I am not bothered by it, but is a fact that it is happening. Perhaps the next firmware will fix this issue, but I dread to think what new issues will be created in the process. This is precisely why, unless I have a problem with firmware, on a Nova or any other product, I steadfastly refuse to upgrade it.

It is sad to say that I am holding back from pulling the trigger on an NDX2/ps purely because I do not trust the software developers to give me a product I can use without issues.

Well… yes and no…

I’m part of the Naim Beta team and we’ve tested a myriad of iOS app versions. Unless my memory is failing me network discovery was never an issue on a release version.

As to your network - perhaps a component was added that is creating some sort of issues there?
If not - could you try re-starting your switch, router and your wireless access point? Just to force them to re-assign IP addresses.

Appreciate what you are saying Adam, but when I say the only thing that changed in my network was a firmware update on the Nova, that was the ONLY thing that changed.

I did switch absolutely everything off, disconnected everything, left it a while, re-connected everything and then switched it all back on starting at the router. No difference.

As I said earlier, it’s a small glitch and one I can live with. It’s not just a Naim thing either. Phones, pads, computers, doorbells, in fact anything with a hint of software in it, seems to fall prey to glitches. I guess it’s the nature of the beast. Still, I have my Olive series setup which NEVER even has a hiccough, it just does what it was made to do and I know I can rely on it absolutely.

Modern day problems huh!

The UnitiCore shows up instantly. The ND555 takes 5 seconds.

I used to have a delay of typically somewhere between 3 and 10 seconds before the app would find the streamer and again before it could find my media server, occasionally this would get to be 30 seconds - it was all rather irritating.

Well, my Naim app now reliably finds the streamer in less then 2 seconds, then goes on to automatically find the NAS music servers again in less than 2 seconds. Often the whole operation is completed less than a second.

The change I made?
Using a faster router to provide the DHCP server for the LAN.

The old one now just acts as an ADSL terminal adaptor.
(Sometimes a TA is inaccurately referred to as a modem: a TA does a similar job but for digital lines).

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