How many watts with HiCap

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How many more watts will the nait xs have if a HiCap is added?

The same.

Hmm are you sure, doesn‘t it free some watts because the preamp is now powered by it?

No extra watts.
The HC powers the preamp section only, this changes the Nait from its stnd singe rail supply to a dual rail & the DR gives better regulation.
The preamp power is very small, so any extra thats ‘available’ (if it is) will be minuscule.

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The big improvement is that there is much less noise in the speakers. No more annoying crackle from the laptop‘s power supply. But would have been cool if it added couple of more watts. I had Project Amp (some years ago), they claimed their PS doubles the power.

Oh yes, I am sure. Very sure. Since 1982 sure… :sunglasses:

Exactly as @Mike-B says above… :slightly_smiling_face:

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