How much does a CD Transport matter?

That’d burn its own hole in the ozone layer. :grin:


Thanks for noticing. While I really appreciate the amount of response on this forum it is also a bit daunting to read and digest it all.

For me it is all about having all options and being able to try everything. Streaming is great to explore and try. Vinyl has a good spot to slow down and enjoy full albums. And CD could be similar?

I am in the process of booking a demo at a dealership to listen to some transports on my exact speaker and Naim set. I need to listen a bit.

Currently I am looking at models that have good value and for my all black rack and Naim gear both in sound quality and visually.

Spotted a Musical Fidelity M6CD but those are introduced 13 years ago so maybe not so durable.

Comments on the CDT and CDC please?

Thought this might be useful for you to see how the Audiolab 9000 CDT fits in.


Thanks for sharing. I have the new classic and those seem more shiny or not?

The thread is titled “do transports matter?” … not … “does shiny matter?”

On the money.

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I think it is worth spending money on a really good source whatever that is but deciding on what speakers you like in your listening room is often a very personal choice so I think this is a very good piece of advice.


I have the maranta SACD 30n. Like it a lot. Mostly use it as a DAC for streaming. I do have a few SACDs. I never did a side by side vs redbook but always assumed it was “better”. The are a fair number of SACDs around but expensive. Usually around $40-$50 which seems silly as you can stream hi Rez for cheap

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Fair comment. :slight_smile:

But looks matter and ideally the transport matches the look of the set. Apart from sounding great the looks of the Naim matter to me. I like a set that is not random pieces of gear together.

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Just looked carefully, and no it’s a similar finish to the Naim old classic that I have. Definitely not shiny.