How much you paid for naim nap 135

Hi, my preamp is nac 52 and I am looking for nap 135 for heaven match.

I had an opportunity to buy a pair of naim nap 135 Holden & fisher transformer at usd4000, would this price too high?

Mind to share your comments
Thank you

I paid £1900 for my two CB 135s 18 months ago, then had them serviced so came in about £2500 with the service. It looks like prices may have increased since then.

Have they been serviced? If they have had a full service, which means a recap then maybe they are worth going for.

I have seen them for £3000 on well known auction sites here.

It could also be the case that they don’t come up much on the US market.

Good luck with your decision. Once you have them, you won’t look back!

Are they serviced?

Have not done at any service yet and it’s pretty rare to seen 1 unit appear over eBay or hifi shark nowadays.

Just wonder would 4000 right price for nap 135 …

Probably overpriced with no service. Scarcity increases prices no doubt. Like I said once you have them you won’t look back. If they don’t come up that often and you really want them, go for it. They are great amps. Will need a service though which is something to factor in. Can you ask them to reduce the price on view of lack of service.

I would make a lower offer for them and see what response you get, you can always increase your offer if they refuse it, maybe start around 20% off asking price.

IMO if they haven’t been serviced they will be well below their best. I think the 135 was replaced in 2002 so they are at least 18 years old.

Difficult to judge the price from the UK but can you see any US 300’s for sale as a comparison?

In my experience if you have always dreamt of a 52/135 set up it’s also worth overpaying a little to actually get them home. But only if you are confident with the state of repair so service history is vital.

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