How new is a serviced xps / 555ps?

how new becomes a xps /555ps that is 15 years old after servicing?
as far as I understood many components (especially capacitors) are changed, but does the xps get back to original working conditions or still some components might influence the performance?
I know naim components live long, but would like to have opinions
Also I understood the servicing is needed no matter the level of usage, as in capacitors there is oil that dries, is that correct?

An XPS or 555PS that has been properly serviced by Naim or a Naim approved server should be back to performing as good as it was when new.


Interesting. It’s a question we’ve never had before.

I recently had my CDSII repaired and serviced at Naim, and the nice gentleman I spoke to there informed me that once serviced, Naim consider the item to be “as new”.

Capacitors age and need replacing whether in use or not.

Service is IMO not really the correct term for what gets done at a er " service".

It’s more of an overhaul. Where those items no longer meeting their design specifications are replaced.
A service tends to be more of an inspection and other work done to prevent future failure. Usually done between overhauls.

Similarly when you have a watch serviced. Strickly this would/could be little more than a basic inspection and lubrication. Whereas, most watch " services" involve total stripdown to componant level, inspection, replace with new ( if outside wear limits) rebuild and post maintenance test.

But yes, a naim overhaul, sorry service brings the item back to performing as if new.

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My understanding is that if an amp or power supply is serviced then all the capacitors are changed which degrade over time. The unit is then soak tested to determine performance related issues and response time.

Once done and tested the unit should be as good as new.

I have had all of my system serviced now apart from CDS2 head unit which I understand has been done at some point prior to ownership.

My NDS is having a screen replacement at moment but that’s it. My 135s, Supercap 2, 52 and XPS2 have all been serviced and capacitors changed. I’ve had my Lingo 1 serviced as well.

When using older equipment and hoping for a great sound I think regular servicing is essential. It gives you the best chance of having the best sound possible from your equipment.

It does get pricey with a big set up like mine, but what else can I do?

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Thanks Richard and thanks everybody, I thing that providing the servicing possibility is a great feature, not all hifi producers offer that, many simply push to buy new devices. Not only Naim stereo sound great, they also last long, that is an important feature to consider.
Now I feel I can buy an old 555ps and get is serviced and enjoy it for long

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Just make sure you factor a service into the price if it needs one. I think the 555PS service is quite pricy but should be worth every penny imo. If it’s been serviced in the last year or two be prepared to pay top dollar.

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