How Often Cleaning of Plugs and Equipment Sockets

I would be curious to know how often folks clean their speaker cable and interconnect plugs and sockets at the rear of components - preamp, amp and power supply. The sockets on my equipment and interconnect plugs look at bit tarnished and I’ve just bought a can of Deoxit D5 to clean all sockets and plugs.

Once a year, 2 times a year or 3 times a year? I’ve not done any cleaning on my 202/200 for almost 10 years now but it’s currently unused sitting on the display rack so not too much of a problem. I need to find some time to clean the sockets on the 282, 250DR and Hicap DR soon.

Hi, I do It once a year. It’s a complete strip down. I disconnect all devices, clean everything , deox all connectors and plugs. Then I start to re-assemble the system, all plugs and sockets treated with VDH The Solution, cables re-routed… It usually takes me the whole day and It works :smiley:

With the connectors Naim prefer to use then you shouldn’t need to use anything as the contacts will essentially self clean when connections are broken and then remade. I generally do this once every few months.


:small_blue_diamond:Every 6’th month for me.


Do you just use the unplug/replug technique?

:small_blue_diamond:Yes I do,.and certainly not Deoxit or anything else,just the unplug/replug technique.

:small_orange_diamond:Ps: I see that Richard does it more often,.he do this once every few months.
We have different climates,.you in the UK have a wetter climate than we have in northern Sweden.
So maybe Richard’s advice is best for those of you living in the UK.


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I didn’t get on with deoxit. It left a residue that was eventually worse than what it first claimed to remove.
I use kontak audio liquid. You need to be careful with it using a bent pipe cleaner or a cotton bud. Used only on those parts that you can sensibly polish off.
I do a strip down every 8 or so months, to get everything out to clean around and under the general area.
I also use Nordost anti static spray on paper towels to clean off the dust along all cables, supports and the boxes themeselves.

I use DeOxit on new power connectors only, it doesn’t clean, it just protects.
DIN plugs are unplug & refit - once & once only - every 6 moths or so.

Din is self cleaning, but honestly, never tried to clean any 3 pin power plugs. I’ve used it on speaker terminals and plugs (D5) but only because I was installing a new set. Otherwise I generally leave alone.

How about the pre-bridge connector on the Supernaits?

Just like a DIN IC, self wipe/clean contacts, once a year, or 6 months if you want, pull out & push back in, just the once.

Curious to know if you guys also cover those unused DIN or RCA with any protector? The black DIN cover sometimes Naim provide like just 1 or 2. Do you guy purchase some and cover up all your DIN ports?

Simple answer - NO

I have not cleaned some contacts since 3 years. Have I to worry ? I have difficult access behind my racks.

:small_blue_diamond:@frenchrooster,…Short answer…YES :wink::grin:.

Happy New Year :clinking_glasses:

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The blank plastic DIN cover was for covering the powered AUX2 socket, as a reminder that it’s not the same as the other inputs, and with a different pin orientation.

I am actually looking to get these to cover up my remaining DIN. Not sure advisable or not.

They don’t do anything, they’re just plastic covers, so I guess there’s no harm in using them

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:small_blue_diamond:I’ve never used these,.but maybe it would be good to protect against dust and dirt.

Furutech has these (see picture below),.and they also claim other things about these (see their text below).
•Someone here who has some opinions about this product.?

• Furutech’s own explanation of this product below.

"Protect your unused contacts.!

The contacts not used on your various devices can be inputs/antennas for electromagnetic interference.
Such disturbances do we not want to,shall be included in the devices!
In addition,.open contacts are dust collectors of great measure.
If you want to avoid oxide,.dust and disturbances of various kinds,you should terminate unused inputs.

Made of pure copper and gold plated with 24k gold.
Interventions in teflon for insulation and vibration suppression."

Happy New Year :clinking_glasses:

Ya I mainly want to protect it from the element like dust and aging look.