How often do you empty your record cleaning machine?

I’ve had my Project VCS II record cleaner for a while now and it dawned on me that despite getting through nearly two litres of water, I’ve never noticed the level rise on the reservoir window on the side. So, today I put the spout on it and took it to the sink to empty it out but not a drop of water came out, and I couldn’t hear any sloshing around inside either. When I clean my records it is definitely sucking up the water off the record as they are bone dry so where is all the water going? Is this normal behaviour?

Are you sure that its water and not iso-propyl alcohol solution, which will evaporate?

It is a mix of distilled water and Project cleaning fluid in about a 15:1 ratio so mostly water

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Mine is the same edb. I wondered about it too. I guess it just evaporates over time in the collection tank which is open to the air at all times via the emptying nozzle. The fluid dries pretty quickly if left on the vinyl, so perhaps no surprise that it is sufficiently volatile to evaporate before you get to empty it out?

OK that’s good to know. I guess it could be evaporating out of the tank before I get to empty it but having someone else report the same behavior is reassuring

Have had my VCS just over a year, due to lock down finally managed to finish cleaning all my vinyl collection (approx. 800 albums). Time to empty me thinks… not a drop came out so you’re not alone.

I’ve never emptied mine. It just evaporates. You’ll only need to empty if you clean a very large number of LPs in a short space of time.

Thanks for all the replies, I was just concerned that there might have been a problem with mine but seems like I have nothing to worry about

This is timely as I was going to invest in one of these. Do you know what the difference is between this and the VC-E model?

The VCE is a more compact machine and has an aluminium top compared with the MDF (at least that’s what it looks like to me) on the VCS Mk II. I’d expect performance to be more or less the same

What I thought. The compact bit is appealing. As, it will spend a lot of time being stored. The specs on the website would suggest their performance is the same. I’ll ask Soundcraft.

I purchased a VC-E in April and then spent several hours of lockdown cleaning well over a 100 LP’s both old and new. I did this in batches of 12-15 at a time. Every record was treated to a new inner sleeve and the new LP’s also got an outer sleeve.

However, due to my TT being stuck at the dealers I had no idea as to whether or not my time cleaning records was worthwhile or not.

I now have my TT and I can honestly say I am very impressed with the results. To me there is a very noticeable difference. All traces of static has vanished and so far the TT mat hasn’t stuck to anything other than the platter.

Staying with the theme of this thread, although this machine has a much smaller waste reservoir/tank, I haven’t needed to empty it either.

Same experience here as to nothing ever coming out of the tap on my Moth 2 but after 16 years of ownership and well over a 1000 records cleaned I am wondering if there is a rather unpleasant thick layer of gunk residue at the bottom of the collection tank.

As for the gunk, you’d sort of hope so!
As a new purchaser of a Project vc-e I’m looking forward to seeing if I can fill up the 0.5l container on mine. Not least as I’ll do as many in one hut as I can. Although I expect boredom will limit me.

Make sure you are wearing your ear defenders. Otherwise you won’t hear any of the results of your time and labour.

But make sure you take the ear defenders off when you listen to the clean record though.

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That’s a good point. At some point I guess it might be a good idea to fill the tank from the draining nozzle with warm soapy water, give it half an hour and then empty it out?

So, having taken delivery of my project vc-e today, I have managed to clean about 60 records. After the machine has been running a while, it dies get quite warm, so I can see how this would help to evaporate any liquid.
Anyway, I did manage to build up some liquid in the tank. When I ripped it out, it was a dark yellow. I was quite shocked. About half the records were bought new by me, the rest from second hand shops. The only explanation was that it could be nicotine?
Anyway a horrible colour.

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Well done on doing 60 records in a day, how long did that take, about 3 hours? I’d have got bored with it long before I got to 60 :rofl: Anyway, have you noticed any difference in how they sound?

Only played one to check. So yes, a reduction in noise and pops. Static gone completely when placing it back in the sleeve after cleaning.
No doubt the novelty of the new machine me kept me going for the 60. I managed to get well set up and into the swing of it. Might pop out and do a few more after my tea!
Trying not to get into what water to use that’s in another thread. I have a water softener fitted to the house so I’m using that ( got no other choice!).
But no deposits or marks.