How open a CDX2

Dear all,
My little son put the clamp of my CDX2 inside the player. Is it possible to avoid to send it to the servicing and open by myself? Is there a video about it?

Yes, wouldn’t have the confidence to do it myself but I remember my dealer showing me years ago and a thread on here about how to do it. I recall that you first of all need to reattach the transit bolt and then remove the feet. However, I don’t recall the exact detail so definitely one for @Richard.Dane.

Thank you Mike for your reply, I just received back my CDX2 from the assistance for a mechanism replacing. Everything was fine but my son keep always alive the family life :slight_smile:

Hi damy,

There is no video that I know of, but:

Carefully turn the player over on to a soft surface (support the drawer in its closed position as you turn it over).
Remove the four feet.
Remove the dome headed black hex bolts (one near to one of the rear feet & three that surround the tray pivot point).
While supporting the drawer and fascia (in relation to the cover), turn the player up the right way & carefully slide the chassis out of the cover.
You may not need to withdraw it completely to retrieve the lost clamp.
Please understand that these instructions are “off the top off my head” therefore I may have missed an important factor.
Please report back if you have any problems!

Thank you very much Neil, tomorrow I’ll try to open it. I cross my fingers :slight_smile:

If you can get a small magnet pick up tool you might be able to fish it out if it hasn’t lodged somewhere. I had this problem years ago and was able to tilt slightly the unit to have the puck slide toward the front where it can be fished out.

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Yikes. No thank you. £5k CDP if you include at least an XPS2.

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I did it, it’s easy and you don’t have to take the unit apart which is more risky.

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Just don’t mess with the little bolts around the drawer pivot.

Oh, and as my friend Chris M reminded me, please ensure you have switched off and unplugged before attempting to open up the case…

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I had to get a puck out of friend’s CDX2 several times owing to her grandson’s “enthusiastic” method of changing CDs. I found that disconnecting it, opening the door and manoeuvring the machine gently so that the puck fell out of the door opening was fine.

After I think it was the third time in two months he was banned from touching it and it’s been fine ever since.


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Thank you guys for your prompt support!!!
I just got the puck out from the player, I unscrew easily the bolts and the puck was just few cm behind the border. Now the CDX2 is playing in my living room as ever :grinning:
I’ll receive in a few days a s/h NAC282 to replace my SN2 and I could not stay without my main source!!!
Thank you again :wink:


I’ve done this a twice, once on my own (sadly departed) CDX2 & again for someone else.
As David Hendon suggests, open the draw & ‘rattle’ the puck out.
I would try that first, then if the puck is actually hung up on something, open the case.
For a mechanically minded person its very straight forward, undo the screws & slide the centre chassis out of the alloy case.

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Hi Mike,
the puck was hung up at side and I’ve been forced to open the case. Very easy and now everthing seems Ok!
Thank you very much at all!!!

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Good to hear that all ok. Reminded me of the damage done when my children were smaller (all grown up now):

  1. Stylus damaged (covered by insurance).
  2. Speaker tweeter cone pushed in (carefully hoovered back out).
  3. Pip connecting the two Credo boxes missing (free replacement courtesy of Audio Images in Sheffield).

The thing which amazed me in each instance was how they happened given what was required to effect the damage or removal, but children and wife claimed no knowledge of anything happening…most magical was the Credo pip as the speakers were perfectly in place, just missing one of the pips…mmm…

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Thank you David for your feedback!
It seems that our children are generally attracted by our expensive toys :grin:

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