How the music changes with age

I’ve noticed more and more that the older I get I have started to latch on to different strands or layers of the music than I did when I was younger. Perhaps this is why some music I have not played for sometime can sound so different than I remember it.

Odd! I think I am more following the accompanying instruments and harmonies more than the main tune sometimes. Vocals I still tune in the same though. Maybe it’s associated with hearing loss and its easier to follow these sections of the music or just how it sounds on Naim. Any own else have this phenomena or is it’s just me.

An interesting concept - I’ve just begun listening to music I bought in my late teens and early twenties. It’s too early to say if my tastes have changed or whether I’m enjoying the music anew.
But back in those days something about the music grabbed me; it was largely pre Naim, thus I am keen to rediscover the music now, with the benefit of better reproduction. It has never been about the lyrics for me, but I would like to pin down what attracts me: rhythm, bass, melody or contributing instruments.

I think it is the case that with system changes and time, you hear different aspects of records.

When I audition equipment there is one track that I use that I am constantly surprised what systems pick out or leave out.

More recently a Be Bop Deluxe album I’ve listened to for 40+ years had a remaster and words that I have sung along to for decades…turns out I’ve been singing wrong…yes I do sing along!!!

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Who has the better lyrics? :wink:

ive noticed the older I get, the more copies of Kind of Blue I have!
I suspect repeated plays may allow you to notice more, as well as the Naim factor.
Im fairly sure the matches for lighting the cannon fuses on the 1812 overture were not safety ones…

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IMHO this is where age brings benefits. Being post retirement I now have time to simply sit and properly listen to music I bought years ago rather than treat it as background to other activities. Also, better reproduction alows one to become deeply involved in the sheer delight of the sound. The advantage of time and the advent of streaming also encourages experimentation with different genres. I’ve discoverd music and artists both present and past that have expanded my tastes enormously.


Don’t you think that also the standard of recordings is miles better than say the 60s or 70s etc. Multi channel tape had its limitations compared with digital techniques.
You listen to some of the old stuff and it’s terrible. Some of the first stereo recordings were that . A left channel and a right one with no soundstage between.
I look forward to hearing your views.

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