How to add a signature ( signing) for each post

atb from…

Especially that. If you want to add a smile or a cheers or your name to a post, fill your boots. Automatically including it in every post is a step too far. You only have to look at those who do it to see how wrong it looks.

Like I said, it’s like a chat in a coffee shop or a pub. Would you conclude every one of your contributions there with ‘Pierre’? Why not try it next time you’re chatting to your wife? And don’t forget the exhortation to shop at audiophile pattiseries dot com. Every. Single. Time.

Yes, you convinced me. :+1:

A standard signature for all posts on the forums would be nice:


WTF would apply to far more posts I suspect.

I’m guessing here that WTF = What (a) Terrific Forum?


I thought it was WTF=Why the face?

or IM(H)O

Absolutely. You’ve got it. PRFTM would be good too.

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I thought RTFM was one of your favourites…?

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PRTFM is different. Pay rise for the moderator.

But yes, RTFM and JFDI are a couple I frequently hold back from using.

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On computer forums PEBSAK is often the appropriate one.

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:large_blue_diamond: Surely not! :heart:

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