How to add a signature ( signing) for each post

Is there a possibility to add a signature at the end of our posts, without signing each time?

It requires a plugin for the Discourse forum software to be installed.

Please don’t. Forums are an ongoing discussion, akin to a chat in a pub or coffee shop. Signing every post (as some do on here) manages to portray a mix of neediness, attention grabbing and stupidity. As well as pointless repetition. Even worse is where the sig block contains some witticism or aphorism - once is errr… ok; every post though? No thanks.


I think I got rid of them when I was Forum Autocrat (I certainly didn’t think to reinstate).

Like funny T-shirts, they have perhaps one moment to be remarkable.

Then - aeons of redundancy.

A frustrating lack of omnipotence prevented a similar fate for smilies.


Even if adding just a first name? Or cheers? Or a big heart as some? :grin:

What would you write in such a signature? We know who is posting so I wonder what a signature could possibly add.

I’m very much with Adam on the smilies and emoticons. Some posters seem to use more emoticons than words. Horrid things.

Where can I find the discourse forum? In Applestore?

Signatures just tend to clutter up discussion. They’re OK perhaps if limited to the opening post of a thread, but anything beyond that just makes things much harder to read and understand easily.



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I think I had not used the correct word.
When someone adds “ cheers, Mark” at each end of a post, how do you name that?

A salutation perhaps, or maybe a toast?

But as he adds “ Mark”, he signs with his first name, not?
When you send emails from an IPad, it’s possible to settle a kind of signature. If not, it will be written every time “ sent from my iPad “.

I used to sign off all my posts on the old forum many years ago, but decided in the end that it was pointless. I think if you want to use your real name you may as well just change your username. Or just type your name at the end of each post if you want. If a signature facility is added, people will end up writing screeds of rubbish, such as:

Thanks for reading, and looking forward to your reply. Buy your homemade cakes from audiophile

That sort of thing. That’s why they are best avoided.



I understand Nigel. Thanks.

Are you thinking of something along the lines of this?

You have just had the honour to read the words of wisdom from the fingers of (insert name here)

An now an emoticon to show that I am making a joke for people without a sense of humour :wink:

Oi! What are you saying about my t-shirt?


Signatures should be allowed only if 100% of your posts either begin with: “Chaps” or end with: “Innit?”

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Careful Rod. That could begat a silly T shirt thread and then we’re all doomed.

Not my problem anymore, I got my response :grin: