How to change input names?

Does anybody know how to assign names to the inputs on a Nova? Instead of Digital 1, 2 ,3 ,4 etc. I’d like to change them to cd transport, turntable, TV, tuner etc. I’ve searched around but without success.

If it’s like the other devices it’s in the App

Settings>Input Settings

Once you change the name under input settings, press the back arrow and they will save. You can also turn off those you don’t use to keep it neat and tidy, and then reorder the active ones to suit. This is how mine looks on an NDX2, but the Nova works in the same way.

Thank you guys. All sorted now.

I’m intrigued by the record player.

Is your phono stage going through the NDX2 or is it some form of system automation controlling the amp?

Yes, it’s system automation. The record player and tuner are connected to the Supernait 3 and can be selected from either the App or the ND remote. The App and remote can also control the amplifier’s volume. It can be set up for any of the current integrated amplifiers or preamps. The Olive stuff, such as your 52, can’t do it. It’s very convenient. If you’ve been listening to FM radio for example, and then decide to use the streamer, you can browse the albums and as soon at you hit play, the input will switch on the amplifier.

Cool. Running everything from the app is the missing bit with my older boxes

Took me a while to work that bit out when moving from a 72 to a 282. The app/streamer changes the input to suit. And then you can use the app to control the volume of the turntable. But it only works if the streamer ( ndx2 in my case) is powered up.

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