How to connect a CD5XS to a FlatcapXS?

Hello, my current equipment consists of NAC152XS - NAP150X - FlatcapXS. I recently added the CD5XS (it’s working fine without the external power suppy) but I couldn’t find a way to connect it to the Flatcap. Even by consulting the user manuals I didn’t find the answer. Does anyone have a wiring diagram ? It could be a great help because I’m totally lost ! Philippe

Pretty sure this is posted here somewhere, will look …,

Are you already using both the Flatcap power outputs on the 152? If you are, you cannot connect the Flatcap to the CDP at the same time.

As HH advises above, if your Flatcap is powering both the digital control section and the analogue sections of your NAC152XS then both outputs of the Flatcap are taken.

You could remove the second upgrade to the NAC152xs (remember to refit the link plug) and then use POWER OUT B on the Flatcap to power the analogue output stage of the CD5xs. What you lose on the pre-amp you will gain on the source, so well worth trying.

I’m already using the Flatcap on the NAC152. Thanks for your answer !

If you aren’t using the far right power connections on the flatcap, then you can power the CD player simultaneously from “power out B”.

Possibly repeating what Richard said already ….

That’s why what I was looking for was impossible ! If I’m not mistaken it’s possible to use a second power supply to power the CD5XS. Thank you very much for your quick reaction. Greetings from Belgium !

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In which case (and to optimise what you have now) put the CD5XS on one of the outputs of the FCXS and its other output on upgrade 1 on the NAC152XS.

You will need the round 5 pin link plug in upgrade 2 of the preamp.

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I tried and it works very well. Thank your for your advice !

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I may have done Naim out of a FCXS sale here.

When the superb XS range came out, IIRC it was suggested that one might have a couple of FCXSs to complete the set. For instance one on both upgrades on the NAC152XS and one powering the upgrades on, say, the CD5XS and NAT05XS.

(I think there is even a diagram somewhere of a NAC152XS being powered by two HCs instead of one FCXS!! :joy:)

I have seen this diagram in fact. And that’s always a bit complicated to combine those different DIN plugs. But when I hear the result I instantly calm down !

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