How to Connect a Computer to my system for REW Measurement's?

Hi all first of all I want to say thanks to everyone on this forum as it’s been an extremely valuable resource for me on my Naim Hifi journey. Background: I am setting up a dedicated listening room where I will use my Nac 252/ Nap 300 / NDX 2 / XPS / KEF Ref 3 meta system. The space is 3.6m wide by 5.3m long and sits over the garage so I have slanted ceilings on either side of the long walls. The acoustics need some tuning so I want to take some measurements to optimise speaker placement and selection of acoustic treatments. After watching various videos on how to bet do this I think a Mini DSP 2x 4 HD input device with a miniDSP Umik-1 microphone plugged into a laptop running Room EQ wizard software.
Problem: I am a total beginner with this entire measurement process and while I can find loads of information on how to setup the software I can’t really find anything on how to connect the mini DsP equipment to my system. I understand that the Mini DSP HD should sit between the 252 and the NAp 300 and I should use rca cables which is clear on the connection to the 252 but how do I connect to the NAp 300? Do I need to buy a special cable ? Appreciate any advice on how to connect the cables or any other helpful advice for taking accoustic measurements. Thanks! R-

I think your question is asking how to connect a computer running REW to your system for measuring sound in the room, e.g to assess speaker and listening position setup and assess room performance for room treatment? (Maybe changing your title to say this would be more likely to catch attention.) I use a different measuring mic, but I believe the UMIK has a USB output which plugs directly into the computer, not needing a DSP box. You then need a cable from computer audio out to preamp input, commonly a 3.5mm stereo jack to 2xRCA plugs. Nothing fancy needed - many audio or electronics component stores will stock something.


I’m using a DSpeaker Anti-Mode 2.0 Dual Core (also room correction), connected it through the tape loop/tape monitor of my NAC202. This way you can also play without the roomcorrection if you want. Works for me very well.


I have a Topping d10s USB DAC.

UMIK-1 → Laptop → Topping d10s → Uniti