How to connect a flatcap to my cd player and then to my SN3

Hi it’s me again. Third time this week. Sorry guys.
Ok. So I have. SN3 a flatcap xs and a cd5 xs
So I’ve looked through all the possible hooks in naim manuals I can’t seem to find a solution.
So it shows you how to link the flatcap and the cd player but once you’ve made that connection. What and wear plugs into the SN3. Hope this makes sense. Do I need a second lead to go from either the cd player or flatcap to the SN3.
Thank you to all the other peoples advice this week. You’ve been really helpful.
Just a quick heads up. I’ve been looking for a nap 250 on the famous auction site but none DR were coming in at around £1400 I managed to buy a none DR for £1200 including postage. Have I got a good deal. It’s been serviced. Once again thanks to everyone’s input this week.

The SN3 CD input is a 5pin Din. The CD5XS analogue outputs should be connected to the SN3 CD input using a 5pin SNAIC. The same way you would connect it before you had a Flatcap.

Looks about the right price for a Non DR 250. Might even sound better than the DR’d version to your ears.

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