How to connect a Naim 282 to a hicap DR and a Supernait?

Per subject, I emailed Naim Support, asked GPT and Bard. All gave me different connection instruction.

From Naim Support, they missed to include connection of HCDR to 282,
NAC 282 and Supernait,

  • Ensure that the link plug on the Supernait is removed.
  • Use an SNAIC4 cable to establish a connection between the Supernait poweramp in socket and the 282 Standard socket.
  • Activate the Power Amp mode on the Supernait.

From Bard,
To connect a Naim 282 to a HiCap and a Supernait, you will need the following:

  • Two Naim SNAIC4 interconnect cables
  • One Naim 5-pin DIN to DIN interconnect cable

Here are the steps to connect the components:

  1. Connect the SNAIC4 interconnect cable from the HiCap’s Power Amp In socket to the 282’s Standard socket.
  2. Connect the SNAIC4 interconnect cable from the 282’s Upgrade 1 socket to the Supernait’s Power Amp In socket.
  3. Connect the 5-pin DIN to DIN interconnect cable from the 282’s Analogue Out socket to the Supernait’s Analogue In socket.

From ChatGPT,
To connect a Naim NAC 282 preamplifier to a HiCap power supply and a Naim Supernait integrated amplifier, you can follow these steps:

  1. Start by ensuring that all components are turned off and unplugged from the power source.
  2. Connect the HiCap power supply to the NAC 282 preamplifier. The HiCap has two output connectors labeled “A” and “B.” Use a suitable DIN interconnect cable to connect the “A” output of the HiCap to the “Preamp Power Supply” input of the NAC 282. Make sure the connections are secure.
  3. Next, connect the NAC 282 preamplifier to the Supernait integrated amplifier. Use a suitable DIN interconnect cable to connect the “Preamp Output” of the NAC 282 to the “Power Amp Input” of the Supernait. Ensure the connections are tight and secure.

If you want to connect a 282 to a Supernait using the Supernait as a power amp then…

Both link plugs in on 282, SNAIC4 from 282 Standard socket to Supernait Power-amp in (link plug removed). Supernait in Power amp mode (as per Naim support)

Adding a Hicap to the mix…

SNAIC4 from Hicap socket 3 to Supernait Power-amp in socket. SNAIC5 from Hicap socket 4 to 282 Upgrade 1 socket. Link plug 2 stays in place.


Please dont follow anything an AI / search engine might tell you!

You dont mention which supernait, but for a 2:

4.8 Power Amp Mode Operation
If a SUPERNAIT 2 is to be used as a stereo power amp only it
must be configured to operate in power amp mode:
• With the SUPERNAIT 2 switched off, remove its rear
panel link plug and connect the interconnect cable
from the preamp or preamp power supply to the power
amp in socket
• Switch on the SUPERNAIT 2. The mute button will
flash to indicate that the link plug has been removed.
Press and hold the mute button until it extinguishes.
The SUPERNAIT 2 is now in power amp mode. Its
volume control indicator and button illumination will
To return the SUPERNAIT 2 to normal operation, switch
it off, replace the link plug and switch it on again.

I’ve mocked up a diagram for you:

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My is a Supernait Gen 1 and I am connected based on the diagram you shared. Ty so much.

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