282 + SN2 - no sound?

Hey all,

I just acquired a second-hand 282 unit and tried to connect it in my system (SN2 + HiCap DR) using the steps described here:

I have the av bypass button on SN2 switched off and turned SN2 in power amp mode by pressing holding the blinking mute button. I connected the 4PIN output from HiCap DR to the S2 and the 5pin to the 282, but I get no sound.

I have to turn the volume more than 50-60% to hear a very faint sound. Could I be doing something wrong or the unit is faulty?

I don’t have an sn2 so can’t comment, but does this post help?

Which input socket on the 282 do you use for the source? CD and Aux 2 sockets might need to be programmed to use RCA or DIN. Depending on how it was configured by previous owner. See section 10.2 in the 282 manual.

I’m using both CD and Aux 2 and I factory reset the 282. If I choose CD I have both CD buttons (on both lines) illuminated.

You do not mention a NAPSC, but presumably you have one connected to the NAC282? If that’s the case, try removing the HICAP and power the NAC directly from the SN2, remove the 5 pin DIN entirely and put back the link plugs on the NAC, leave only the 4pin DIN connection between SN2 and NAC282, this will shed some light whether fault is with the PSU or elsewhere.

You were right! I though I had programmed my inputs, but I most probably have disabled the RCA inputs and was left with the DIN configuration. I reconfigured my RCA inputs and now I have a sound, a brilliant sound!

Thank you all for the help!

282 indeed makes a difference :heart_eyes:


Great! Enjoy the 282 :slight_smile:

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Thank you!

A bit of a side topic. How do you turn off the 282, do you just unplug the NPCS from the power socket?

And what is the correct order of switching the equipment on. I do it in the following order:

  1. HiCapDR
  2. NAPSC/282
  3. SN2

@corsuse Information from the FAQ section linked here below - but try to leave it on all the time for a more consistent performance.

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