How to connect a preamplifier to Uniti Atom

Hi , I am asking for help how to connect the preamplifier to Unity Atom ? I have QUAD Artera Stereo for testing but it doesn’t work

You connect the Aux out RCAs on the Quad to the RCA input on the Atom. It’s a rather odd thing to do, but doubtless you have your reasons.

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The pre-amp connection on the Atom is pre-amp out; I.e. if you want to connect a subwoofer or a power amp.
Any analogue input goes the input socket.

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Okay, thanks, it works

What makes it odd? I have a Perreaux SM2 class A preamp connected to my Atom. I have my turntable, tape deck and tuner attached. I suppose I could use a simple passive switch box, but I like the Perreaux phono stage.

Naim all in one is a very nice amplifier but for undemanding loudspeakers. Adding a preamplifier is necessary for speakers that can play with an advanced setup.

Don’t you mean power amplifier? Adding a preamp to an atom is still 100% atom driving the speakers. All you have gained is more inputs.
Like this: Other preamp > atom line input > atom preamp > atom power amp > speakers.
I suspect what you really mean is:
Atom preamp output > other power amp > speakers.

Quad Artera Stereo - Amplifier
Uniti Atom - preamplifier, DAC and streamer

You asked how to connect a preamp, but you have connected a power amp. Perhaps your thread title is misleading people?

Yes exactly.
Anyway I think your question is solved.

Exactly, I wrote it wrong but the problem is solved and the effect is fascinating

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