How to connect nac82 with nap250 without hicap

I’ve recently bought a naim nap 250 chrome bumper and wanted to connect it directly to my nac82, without hicap, but I’ve realised that I do not know how to. The old guide shows direct connections to 90, 140, 180 only, see the attachment.

Could someone help me to find out how to do it and if it is possible at all?

Thanks and Best Regards,

You can’t. There’s no pre-amp power supply within the NAP250. You’ll need a HICAP.


When you’ve bought a hicap, it connects like this; you’ll also need a 5 pin (both ends) snaic. That’s the interconnect that carries power from hicap to preamp, and signal back to hicap to pass on to the power amp, then for the 250 it should come with an interconnect 4 pin din to xlr.


A HiCap should come with a 5 pin SNAIC. But if not, they can be bought quite easily, new or pre-loved.

I thought napsc will power the preamp, won’t it?


The NAPSC powers the digital logic control side of things along with motors for the pots, but the analogue audio circuitry will need power from a suitable power supply. The lower level power amps in the range had a basic pre-amp power supply built in, but once you reach the heights of a NAP250, you need a dedicated separate power supply on the pre-amp as there’s no inbuilt pre-amp PS within the power amp.


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