How to connect nsc 222 and nap 300?

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does anybody know how to connect nsc 222 and nap 300? Wich cable do I need?

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It’s all in the FAQ.

Thank you!! Is it generally recommended?

The FAQ’s are highly recommended!

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Yes!! My fault! But any experiences?

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I would expect anyone who has a 222 and a 300 would be using the correct Naim cables - and that they work.

I thought there was a deal of some sort, where the dealer a new NC item would supply the needed intreface cables FOC - ? Maybe I misunderstood…

Yes there was, I took full advantage :wink: but I think it ended end of September.

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Ah… I am not totally mad then… :crazy_face: :astonished:

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I would like to ask a question. But in addition to these Naim cables, can you use any type of balanced XLR cable on the market or do you necessarily need these?

No. NAP300 has non standard XLR input wiring. Don’t use standard XLR cables…

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Thanks :pray:

Only if all units in your setup is from the new series, 222/250 333/332/350 will all in these combinations use standard xlr cables.

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