How to connect SN3-HiCapDR-NC250.3?

Appreciate your help in how to connect SN3-HiCapDR-NC250.3 My intention is to use 1 pair of Designcable 4 pin DIN to XLR from HiCap to NC250.


I have the same setup, you will need special adapter cable to connect the 4 pin din to XLR on nap 250-3. I ordered the same time while ordering nap 250-3.


I forgot to ask, how’s it all sounding now? Your setup is very similar to mine. I’m curious if it makes the Proac’s sing even more. Please tell me it sounds horrible so I won’t be tempted… lol

The system is sounding very good as added hiline as well as hicap dr and now I’m thinking how it would sound with Nac 332 with its dedicated preamp. This is the crazy hobby and in any hobby there is no end as it would no more be called as hobby if we stopped at any point in time, it’s all about journey more than the destination.

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Yes I agree. I’ve learned so much along the way. Luckily this forum has saved me money and cost me money lol. My goal as well is likely the Nac 332 /250.3 combo but I’m not going to rush it.

Hi @BackToNaim. Thanks for answer and congrats on your rig and new cable.

I will use my designcable and it should work as far as I know. My issue is regarding how to connect it all correctly from SN3 output into HiCap and then correct output sockets from HiCap (socket 2-3?) into NC250. I want to know 100% as not to damage any component.

If I understand correctly you will also need 1 pair just as me as going from HiCap unless your intention is to go direct SN3 to NC250.3 then its also special cable, 1 Din into 2 XLRs

I wish Naim could just update the manual online or under FAQ here on forum!

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You may want to check with Designacable if the DIN4 to XLR cables you plan to use are wired correctly for the NC250 (see the note on their website).

I would follow the advice from @BackToNaim. You can either use the 00-010-0250 or the 00-010-0244 cable sets.

Screenshot 2023-07-21 at 17.38.32

For the 0250 set, use Hicap socket 3, for the 0244 set, use sockets 3 and 2.

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