How to connect sub-woofer to NAC282

Hi. I just upgraded from a Supernait 2 to a NAC282/NAP250DR combo. The SN2 had a pair of RCA subwoofer out sockets that I used to drive my B&W ASW10CM subwoofer (using the line input RCA sockets on the subwoofer).

The NAC282 doesn’t have any subwoofer out sockets. Can people please advise what is the best way to connect the subwoofer to the NAC282? - which socket(s) to use?

If there is no ideal line-level solution I guess I could connect speaker cables from the terminals on my main pair of B&W speakers to the speaker level input sockets on the subwoofer instead…

Advice please.


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Connect to one of the sockets on the Hicap or supercap.

Do you mean plug the subwoofer cable into one of the 4-pin DIN sockets on the HiCap?

Yes, the Hicap has a spare output you can use for a sub.
If you need to buy a long DIN cable it may be fairly expensive, so cheap thin speaker cable may be a better option. You will need to think about how to terminate these. If you take them from the loudspeaker end you may be able to use spades if your speakers have suitable sockets, leaving the 4mm sockets for your regular speaker cables.

I currently have a long cable from amp to sub with RCA phono plugs on both ends. I wondered about sticking with that same cable but using a RCA-to-DIN adapter to plug into the DIN socket on the Hicap. Would that work? And can anyone recommend a female RCA to 4 pin DIN adapter? Don’t seem to be very common…

You need to re-terminate with a DIN4 and connect to one of the pre-outs on the Hicap. At the same time it would probably be a good idea to slug the interconnect with a resistor (Naim used 100R on their own sub lead) because the NAC282/Hicap was never designed to drive a long i/c and so it could get pushed to instability - this can be obvious or can just manifest as lower overall performance.

How long would the cable need to be? I think you would be better off selling your RCA and getting a DIN to RCA rather than adding an adapter, also note Richard’s advice to get a suitable ‘slugged’ cable.
Thus my suggestion that a high level connection may be a better option, and almost certainly cheaper, as you don’t need posh speaker cable, any old thin stuff will do.

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