How to Connect XS2+Flacap XS to NAP250 DR

I have been using the integrated XS2+Flatcap XS for a number of years. Recently, I have an opportunity to acquire a classic NAP250DR power amplifier. It is my first time using a pre and power amplifier set up.

Until I can get hold of a NAC282 pre-amplifier, which I understand is the natural partner with the NAP250DR, I was hoping to use the XS2 + Flatcap XS as the pre-amplifier.

I have not been successful finding a connections chart for this combination and will be grateful if a kind soul could guide me with how to connect the above and the necessary cables needed?

Thank you in advance!

Keep the SNAIC5 connection between the XS2 and FC XS. The SNAIC4 won’t be needed anymore. Connect the DIN4 to XLR cable that comes with the 250 to Signal Out A on the FC XS.


Many thanks James, this is very helpful!

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You omitted the intermediate stage ‘trade the FC for a Hicap’! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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