How to deal with long speaker cables

This is in the FAQ section:
Spare speaker cable should not be coiled – excess cable may be tidied up in a way similar to that employed in the “Jumping Jack” firework.*

Can anyone explain what what tying up excess speaker cable like jumping jack firework would look like. I google it but to no avail


It will look something like this…


Ah, thanks. Is the cable in the picture as stiff as mine. I have the black cable purchased about twenty years ago, and it’s stiff.

Yes, it’s usually stiff stuff, but once you bend it to shape it’s pretty good at staying that way with just some cable ties. You can warm it up with a hairdryer and that will make things a bit easier, but be careful not to overdo it…

The amount of coiling the average user would do should have no effect on audio quality IMO. I’m sure there are measurements out there to confirm such.

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