How to extract LFE from my TV?

Now that I have a REL T/7x in my system, I am wondering if there is any easy/cheap/non-intrusive way to take advantage of its .1 input. Stereo signal comes from high-level connection to the speakers and I have the possibility to use the LFE input simultaneously for enjoying all these explosions and crashes in my movies :sweat_smile:

Right now, I simply connect my TV (LG OLED C1) via optical out to the nDAC. So only LPCM two-channel signal. I am not planning to ever go to 5.1 etc, so I suppose I am just searching for a cheap and small AV Processor which can down-mix the 5.1 signal from the TV (via optical or HDMI?) into 2.1, and which has pre-outs that I can connect to the SuperNAIT. Thus, I will be controlling the volume for movies with the AV Processor. If there was something even simpler, which would allow me to control the volume directly from the TV, it would be even better. But I don’t think that this is possible at all.

I had a look online for possible solutions, and it seems that AV Receivers are more common and possibly cheaper than AV Processors, which is annoying. In any case, I will be buying second-hand, so an old cheap model with the necessary functions is all I need.

Has anyone here been in the same situation? Any suggestions on which brands/models to look at?

Probably best to look at a second hand AV Amp and just use the 2.1 with Pre-Out L&R to AV Bypass of your Supernait and .1 to your Subwoofer. You can do this with either Optical Output from the TV to AV Amp or HDMI ARC with the AV Amp controlling the volume.
Later you could then add a Centre Speaker which would make a good sound improvement for movies and then Rear Speakers if possible.
I would look for Denon, Marantz, Pioneer or Sony AV Amps as they all have a good track record but you need to make sure they have the Pre-Outs, as some lower spec models dont have them.

I’m not an expert, but I thought the LPCM will output the LFE anyway, so if you are using a sub, you will already have this benefit. Well, that is what I do with a Nova, two stereo speakers and a sub. And on my main system the large TV outputs to a ND555 and stereo speakers and it deleivers great LFE.

It’s not so clear or straightforward it seems. From what I could read online, the mixing algorithms for Dolby/DTS do not include LFE in the 2.0 mix. And what each device does seems to be inconsistent.

Besides that, the REL is now configured for music, which means that the high-level gain isn’t excessive. Whereas I can configure the gain for the LFE channel independently and get crazy with the sound effects in movies if I like :innocent:.

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That seems the best (only) way to proceed. As long as I can find something (very) cheap and discreet!

Unfortunately AV amps are not exactly discreet :grimacing:

It’s possible if you include the word “slimline”; there just aren’t many.

If you like the idea of top quality cinema sound but are put off by the bulk of typical AV receivers, then the Marantz NR1510 is perfect for you. Standing just 104mm tall, it’s around half the height (or less) of many of its rivals. This not only makes it easier on the eye but also allows it to be slotted in where many other AV receivers simply won’t fit.

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Indeed I had a look at slimline receivers. Unfortunately, also due to width, they don’t fit (just) at the existing TV stand, so this is a project that will have to wait for some time.

The LFE crossover point is fixed and is almost certainly much higher than what you have dialed in to your REL for your main speakers.

As stated, it’s unclear how your TV is delivering the LPCM but many do actually handle the downmixing of Dolby Digital properly. If you disconnect your speakers and hear/feel the sub working while the TV input is selected I think you’ll have your answer - and hopefully that is that no action is required as you are already getting the LFE track via the downmix.

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