How to force Roon to use highest quality version of track?

Main source for Roon is UnitiCore. Also have Tidal. And large iTunes library of compressed audio. If I allow Roon to access the iTunes library in addition to the other two sources, can I ‘force’ Roon to use the highest quality file that it has access to for any given chosen track title?Thanks!

Roon chooses the highest rate available for any given track as long as it’s from the same version of an album ot track. You will need to make sure that Roon sees the versions are the same album in your library. If one does not match the other you can either use group alternative version or edit the metadata so it sees it as a different version of the same album.

Thanks for the reply. ‘Group alternative version’ - where do I find this option?

Go in to the album view and look at your albums.You can also focus on duplicates but these will most likely be already grouped. If you see them twice select both with a long click on the first one then you can select the others. Goto three dot menu and edit albums. You scroll down a bit you’ll see group alternative versions. When done.when viewing the album you will have a versions tab on each album here you can assign your prefered version if its not selected the one you want to be the primary.

Using all my duplicates you can see this below

You can see all your duplicates by using the album view, select focus and choose inspectot/duplicates

Thanks very much. Will take a look.

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